Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wrecking Ball: Renewed and Improved

Day One
I am sitting in my office this rainy a.m. Pets are snoring away. Hubbins is snoring away up in the loft. I am drinking my coffee (COFFEE!) in my jammies, doing my morning readings and thinkings.

Spring! Yes, I believe it really is coming.

Daylight Savings Time has hit, making us all groggy and cranky, but the underlying feeling is YES! I just might live through this winter without being sent to the loony bin or getting so fat I can't sit in an airline seat.

Naturally makes me rethink my wrecking ball.

It's been swinging away for a couple of months, but there hasn't been any bite in its force. So now it's day one babies.

As I said in Vegas to my band of buds - I swear by all that is unholy that I am going to get healthy and happy and skinny. Let's kick some winter ass.

Minnesotaoans are funny little critters. When Spring hits the air we go crazy! After being cooped up in our cars, our offices, our houses for months, when the sun gets hotter and the temperature goes above freezing, we break out our sweaters, our convertibles, and our happy faces.

This past weekend was like that.

In truth, it is an ugly time of year around here. When the snow melts it uncovers all the sins of fall past. All the things you didn't get to when it started snowing. The yard is full of doggy-bombs, soggy leaves, dead weeds, and brown grass. UGLY!

But you get this itch. An itch to get out there and rake that ugly brown lawn, pick up those bombs, feel the sun on your face. Smell that air? That's the sweet smell of warm air freedom.

I am breaking out my bike, Allie style. Time for the use it or lose it challenge. I am challenging myself.

Image courtesy of nataliedee.com


Heff said...

Yep. Spring is upon us. I step outside in the mornings now, and It sounds like a damn Disney movie what with the birds chirping and all the like. Not that I'm complaining.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Oh Deborah, your little cartoon pic reminded me of something my Dad said, after my third son was born... "I never thought I'd see the day your butt was as big as the broad side of a barn!" Ouch Dad, that one hurt. I think I weighed 100 lbs. and had just give birth to a 9lb 2oz kid. Yep, I had a wide spread. But those words weren't what I needed to hear.

I don't know how some people survive such cold, cold weather. Even me, formerly Miss Hotbox, is glad Spring is coming.

deb-oh-rah said...

Walked last night, walking tonight, tomorrow and the next day -- got some walkin' buddies and gotta take advantage of the 60-degree weather. Dodging the land mines at the side of the road.

Blasé said...

I like it when you're happy and feeling all gooey!

R. Jacob said...

legs are thin though....