Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let Me Know When I Get There

I love hipsters. I love their tight jeans, their pale faces, their self-absorbed air, their deeply-rooted shallowness.

The Twin Cities are awash with these types. I generally lump them into a young un crowd because older hipsters aren't hipsters; they're misplaced hippies or somesuch. Real hipsters are young and self-righteous and I love them.

I love watching them, I love noting what they're wearing (so good!), and if I get a chance, I love talking to them. Sometimes they are incredibly smart and informed and sometimes deep as a deep blue puddle. Just like the rest of us.

Remember when you may have had hipster tendencies? Remember when you were filled with self-righteous indignation? It just might be the only thing I miss about being a young un.


Ms. Anthropy said...

I miss the YOUNG part!

Dutch donut girl said...

At first I thought you were talking about those cute panties, but that just didn't make any sense :)

Anonymous said...

LOL... you know those lowrise pencilthin jeans? Yeah, I tried that recently... Sigh.
..didn't work.

I do miss those young and full of it days. But not the insecurity.

Marla said...

Self-righteous indignation is one of my favorite pasttimes. :-D