Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Win!

My weather bug right now . . .
Yup . . .

Kinda windy too. That's the part I hate the most. Here's the thing I always say though; it will be the brightest sun ever. Crisp (understatement!) and bright!
So take that!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Sears 1934

I want that jumpsuit on the right. The green corduroy one.
What would Tim say?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'll Have a Beer Dear

We had a little getaway to Fort Myers, Florida. I had never been to Florida. That's kinda weird yes? We had a sweet little suite right on the beach with a bedroom door which was great for insomnia nights. I just shut the door and Pup could sleep and I could wander around to the deck, sit with the door open, read, and listen to the ocean. The best!

I don't know about other parts of Florida, but Fort Myers is eclectic, energetic, relaxed. My brother-in-law calls it a kinda bikerish crowd. I kinda found it alternative. For me meaning every kind of person. The people working there seemed the kind of people that had decided the rat race not worth competing in and they had found a haven serving beers or running hotels.

A life on the beach doesn't look so bad to me!

Sand like powdered sugar. Lots of walking. Lots of drinking!

And hanging with Pup's sister and her husband was fun! They are a golden couple - kinda like looking into the sun I always say. And motivational. You haven't lived until you've had your photo taken with a woman near your age that is wearing a size 2-4 bikini and looking like her 28 year-old daughter. Eye opening!

Meanwhile back in Minnesota this was going on:
Baby KD had his first stroller ride. His momma said this photo was taken while she said his name. He's sound asleep, but while hearing his momma's voice smiled this angelic smile. Oh I can hardly stop my heart from bursting looking at him.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Squat Till You Drop

Okay . . .

My friend tPretty, the Empress of Exercise, has made herself available to me for encouragement, snack-blocking, and health tips.

One of her tips is to get up from your desk from time to time and stretch, walk around, or do squats.

Yesterday I had made a mental note to get up and move about every half hour. Of course my day didn't quite go the way I wanted it to (imagine a bat in the house being chased by a crazed cat - yours truly hiding in the bathroom - that kind of day), but when I DID finally get to the office I hunkered down on a project.

I did get up and about more than normal, but then at one point realized I had been sitting working for over an hour or so.

I hopped up to do some squats.

Now, mind you, I have watched many a squat. The right way to do a squat. I've watched my sister-in-law get up from the floor holding a chunky baby without using her hands. Oh yes she did. Gah.

My thighs aren't that talented.

I go down.

I come up.

I go down.

I come up.

I go down.

I sorta come up.

I sorta go down.

I'm done.


Strength comes with practice.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Practical Application 1

The Night Before

I took a detox bath.

Epsom salts, baking soda, candles, hot water, me.

I know that detoxing can help my immune system and encourage my body to flush out all that is bad - all the toxins I have taken in. We don't have to talk about what type of toxins they were. Do we? blinkblinkblink . . . . Do I appear charming? No? Rats! This is why I need detoxing!

I wash my face and fill the tub at the same time. Dumping in some marvelous-smelling Epsom salts I've had in a lovely glass bin waiting. I dump in some baking soda to alkalize the bath water as well. As the tub fills and steam begins to rise I can smell the salts. Mmmm! I'm loving that!

I hop in and start screeching. It's been a while since I've used the spa tub in our bathroom and filling it has loosened some gunk that has been hiding in the jets. Disgusting! I hop back out and scoop out all that blech and dreck. Hop back in.

I've lit two candles. I've forgotten to turn out the bathroom lights.


I press down on the spa button to turn on the jets. Nothing. I press again. Nothing.

I call for Pup.

"It smells so good in here! Do you want me to turn out the lights?"

He does. It's nearly pitch black. My two little candles aren't cutting it.

"I can't get the tub to turn on." I show him how I'm pushing the button. He reaches his huge thumb in there and ON goes the tub.

I lay back in the tub. Trying not to think about what else could be floating around in there with me. I don't mean Pup.

I'm to relax for 20 minutes. I look at the clock.

It's been three minutes. Three minutes!

I close my eyes. The lights are damn bright, I think.

I really need to get in here with some Scrubbing Bubbles, I think.

I look at the clock again.

It's been seven minutes.

I shut off my damn mind, lay back again, ignore the bright lights, and make it 15 minutes.

And I have to call Pup to turn off the damn tub.



The Next Morning

I slept hard. It felt hard. My eyes opened up at 7:00 a.m. That's crazy! So late! How do you people get hours of goofing around on the internet completed when you get up so late? I'm winking and nodding.

I slept so hard that I stumbled around for a while getting my bearings. Weaving and bobbing like I was still drunk after a fun night. You know those nights. Don't pretend you don't!

I liked my detox bath. I feel free of chemicals.

Okay - I really don't, but I am suspending belief and imagining those nasty toxins running away from me. With their bags packed. Getting on the train to Toxinville.


I'd do it again. More candles, clean jets, open mind.