Thursday, November 29, 2012


I quit my job at The Turnstyle. I have something new burbling for me and I am excited beyond belief. They say it isn't what you know, but who you know and I recently proved that it's a bit of both.

My Alli McBeal had recently gotten a sales job for a great company and we talked about a hole in their process that she thought I could fill. She encouraged me to write her boss a letter.

Which I did.

And he actually responded.

And asked me to lunch.

So I had a new assignment given to me by Ms. McBeal. Write a business plan (after several revisions and prodding from Alli McBeal it was perfection - yes it was!) for myself, revamp my resume, and sell myself like a sales pro.

Which I did.

And got hired as a consultant on a project to project basis.

I had to drink not one, but two Maker's Presbyterians after that meeting. I do believe I was walking on air for over a week. Wait - let me check my feet - yup - still not touching the floor. I see much shopping and outfit creation in my future.

These people have no idea what's in store for them. It's the best day of their lives as well.

I am manifesting success - was it effective? Whoooo ha!


The Turnstyle is a privately owned company and has about 14 locations around The Cities. I visited a different one from the one I used to work at yesterday and had a fun hour or so finding some lovely things. Groupons were burning holes in my pockets!

I had a couple of questions about the items I was considering purchasing and the Little Woman manning the register said, "Oh you'll have to talk to the manager about that."

I said, "I'd love to. Could you get her for me?"

Little Woman replied, "She's right over there."

I looked where she was pointing and said, "May I speak to her?"

Little Woman said, "Oh, you'll have to get her." She then shot me a look. Not a nice look come to think of it.

I said, "Would you get her for me please?"

Another look. A huge sigh. A stomping off to get manager.

I stood there waiting for the manager to come to the register, thinking to myself - why is the customer treated like this in a retail store?

I don't know why exactly, but I was shocked. I had a pile of stuff I wanted to get, I had a question. Was I seriously expected to chase down the manager, not knowing her name, carrying all my items with me, to interrupt her with my questions - rather than have her come to me at the register and deal with my quick questions on the spot?

The manager was very nice, answered my questions, and I went ahead with part of my purchases.

Little Woman was visibly annoyed with me. She rang up my stuff and I handed her my Groupon. Another look was shot in my direction. Another huge sigh.

I wanted to reach over the counter and ring the damn sale myself.

She completed my sale. My pile of stuff on the counter.

"Could I have a bag please," I asked?


I get retail burnout. I worked retail for 15 months and some of the customers were nightmares. I could very well have been her nightmare for the day. But I was so sad to be treated like that.

So - the point of this ramble is a question for y'all. When presented with stranger rudeness, how do you respond? Do you stand your ground? Acquiesce? Stay calm? Become a bitch?

I stood there looking at the Little Woman. I smiled at her. Thanked her. Picked up my (bagged) items and left the store. I'm certain she thought me a bitch nonetheless.

There is lots of shopping to do in the next couple of weeks. I will manifest pleasant.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli.

I took the most ridiculous pictures yesterday. I don't even want to download them from my Nikon because they define WTH. I'd love to be all "arty-farty," but I'm more "holy-hell-what-is-that?" I am an elegant doofus. Yup. I should get me a t-shirt and make it official.

But the day was good! We had a very small group this year. Just Lorenzo and BT. Pup's wayward brother was coming, but chickened out at in the end. I felt bad because he either spent the day alone or in a bar. Either one is not good.

I made the smallest turkey I ever made. I think it was only 12 pounds. It looked like a big chicken. So, of course, I overcooked it a bit.

But that's what gravy is for! I made a roaster pan inches thick with that stuff. Oooooo, it was good. My momma taught me how to make gravy when I was pretty small. I think 10 or 11. I honed that talent while pregnant with Lorenzo. I had a pregnancy related craving for everything smothered in gravy so we ate it every night if memory serves.

I learned new things this Thanksgiving.
  1. It's a big meal to make, even with a small group.
  2. Riesling wine isn't always good. Paaaatooy I say.
  3. Having a huge weight lifted from me is fantastic! I feel like me again. 
  4. Cranberries from the can are delicious spread on a piece of turkey like jelly (smooch to my Shelley-Belly).
  5. New and easier recipes are good (again, thanks to my Shelley-Belly).
  6. The Godfather rocks.
Lorenzo and BT spent the first part of the day at his 'rentals (the Lorenzo way to say parents) and had a noon meal then came to our house for the evening meal. BT and Pup rolled into the Big Room to wait for Lorenzo and me to clear up in the kitchen a bit (we did not do dishes - yes they are still in the kitchen, right now, haunting me).

The Godfather was marathoning on AMC (I think) so we dragged out our copy after hearing that Lorenzo had never seen The Godfather. WTH??? How did I raise a child that has never seen The Godfather?

So we pulled the pit (couch) into a big square and the four of us lay in it to watch. Appropriate since Lorenzo and I were drinking Coppola wine. Nummy.

I think I was snoring before you could say "she sleeps with the fishes."

BTW - how beautiful was Al Pacino in this movie?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Never Bored

Are you that kind of person? The kind that is never bored?

I have to honestly say that I am never bored. I don't know what that says about me, good or bad. It has always seemed to me that if you truly are feeling bored, you are the responsible one for that. How can we expect others to constantly entertain us? Not that I don't get entertained by others, cuz I love being entertained!

I have had the flu for the past couple of days. Maybe more than a couple of days. They have kinda run into each other like they do when you're sick. I was shocked to come-to this morning and realize it is Sunday. What the hell? I lost at least three days somewhere in there.

But this morning, while my head is still stuffed and my brain a little less than, at least I do not feel feverish at all (not that I don't enjoy feeling a bit feverish - ha!) and maybe I can have a Sunday and get to a few things.

How do you cope with being sick? What do you wear?

For me, since I was literally a hot mess (at one point Pup remarked, "your arse is on fire!" - not meant in that oh my god so hot kind of way) and then a shivering mess, I chose to cozy up in the Big Room with a sheet and pillows on my part of the pit-couch, next to the fireplace, wearing my coziest sweatpants and camisole with a hoodie so the hoodie could come off and go on and come off and go on and come off and go on. You get the picture.

Sidebar: I just resisted, at least three times, inserting an emoticon. Some things really never change.

Yesterday morning I had dragged my feverish, hot arse down to the Big Room rather early, I think 5 a.m. or so, all the pets were in there with me hanging out, and it started raining. Then it began to sound like golf balls were bouncing off of the roof of the Big Room. So loud!

I ran to the back door to look out and discovered hail was falling - loudly and thickly.

I placed these two examples to show size. That watch has a very large face.

I haven't seen hail like that in years!


It feels like the start of the weekend to me peeps, but it isn't. I'll still say - get on it!

I'm going to find some mind-finding pharmaceuticals to help me and get on it as well.

Smooch - unless you're afraid of contagion.