Monday, March 29, 2010

In the Naked, Cold, Light of Day

I put shorts on today.

Big deal? Yup, it is a big deal. My legs have been covered up pretty much since October (except for that one time in Vegas where I took them out only to quickly put them back where they belonged under black tights) and I am shocked how, year after year, I discover that they may have been neglected.

The feet too.

I've mentioned it millions of times (insert blog-reader's huge yawns - ready, set, go!) that it is DAMN cold here in the winter.

So . . . my legs disappeared in October. Mostly.

There have been brave, brief, flashings in the mornings after my shower and briefer skitterings as I high-tail it into the covers to dive into the warm spot that Pup may be providing. But, besides all that frolic, my legs are hidden in jammie pants, leggings, tights, yoga pants, and jeans.

It is 60 here again (whooo kiddies!) and when I returned home this afternoon after class and Cub (groceries) it was hotter than a cowboy waiting in the lobby of the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

So I flung open doors, put on a camisole, and dug around for a pair of shorts.

Okay, they're cut-off drawstring sweats I bought at the Fleet Farm, but the legs are showing people! Don't get smarty-pants with me! :)

But sheesh! Look at these legs! I am part Swedish and my melanin may be a bit challenged on my gams until some sun hits them.

And where did this hair come from? Oh . . . I'm supposed to shave more than once a month? Oh.

Poor Pup.

And my toes are definitely not cute.

It's time for some detailing.

Then I can find my toe ring and get this party started!


Ms. Anthropy said...

If it weren't for spots, mine would have zero color, as well. My darn legs are as white as that new laptop... still in the box!

Anonymous said...

Well I've shaved and I have italian skin, but you can ad cellulite to mine *sigh*. Yuck.

Back on the treadmill.

Marnie said...

Mine glow in the dark :p I need a bottle of fake'n bake.

R. Jacob said...

I am trying to look at them , but the blinding light,,,,

Heff said...

2 words :


Daisy said...

My legs and feet need attention too. I think I will be getting a pedicure.

Deborah said...

Ms A - Ha!

Karen - hate you for that Italian skin! Don't even talk to me about hail-damage girl. :D

Daisy - Let's make an appointment!