Friday, April 29, 2011

Hot Men Friday

Vin Diesel

This is not the type of guy I generally go for.

I'm sure he's fine, but for me he's too muscley, too dopey, too one-dimensional, too cheesy.

But if I happen to see him anywhere I do stop to look because sometimes I am as deep as a puddle.

That guy in the car with him is adorable, but what happened to him? Maybe I'm not paying attention.

Go out and rip it up this weekend you hooches!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Same street - 24 hours apart.

Bella had the same type shots on her blog and I'm betting many bloggers from Minnesota have had similar photos, but I got nothing else peeps. NOTHING!

I'm a boring drudge. I go to work, I come home, I go to bed.

I was telling Pup last night that when my girls were little I had a job and I'd run in the back door and begin making supper practically with my coat still on. And a million other things got done after that.

He said, "You were younger then babe."

I immediately started pouting. "I don't like that answer!"

I fear he's right, but balance needs to find a way into my heart.


Or something.

Here's the good stuff:

  1. Easter was a blast. We made brunch here at Chez Emerson, ate it up, and played Rock Band so hard Lorenzo got blisters from drumming. We rock! I'm certain we sounded like cats being killed, but I DON'T CARE! It was fun.
  2. I have gotten to the point at work where I'm actually GETTING little work-related jokes. You know the kind. The kind where you nod knowingly and make someone laugh with your insight and schadenfreude. Yeah that's right baby, I really am this witty and fun to be with. Well . . . sometimes.
  3. Pup and I are enjoying The Big Room (newest incarnation of the room's name - family still loves The Pit and B (son-in-law) still loves Den.) Pup and I had continued calling it The New Space, then it evolved to The Big Room. Stay tuned cuz I know you can't wait to see what we call it next. Is that sarcasm I smell?? Hmm?
  4. The glimmers of spring I'm seeing are making me silly and hopeful.
That's it from me peeps. What's doing with you all? Are you knee deep in the hoopla?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hot Men Friday

 Joan Jett

Let me be your che che che che che che che che CHERRY BOMB!
 If you think she isn't hot, you have your head up your arse.

I want to cut my hair, wear leather and chains and be COOL. Be cool for once in my life!


She is cool right? I can't stop listening to her right now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life with Pup

Favre Doing the Al Bundy

Pup is finally done with 18 hour work days and is now running around Chez Emerson in his typical fashion – wrecking havoc everywhere he goes.

It’s good to have him back, but now that I’m working for the first time in our short marriage he’s a little bit spoiled and I’m having to train him in on how to clear a table, how to pick up his clothes, and how to own his free time. He’s not used to free time poor darlin’.

Here is a sprinkling of what Life with Pup is like now that he’s free.

Sweetie . . . do you suppose a rabbit really likes carrots?
Do you think Calvin likes it when I haggle him?
Did you know that it's hotter in the city than in the country?
Dollink . . . Dollink . . .
Look at my tiny butt. Don't you think my butt is tiny?
Do you think Calvin eats kleenex so he doesn't have to wipe his ass?
Do you think Calvin gets mad because I’m taller than him?
Do you think Calvin minds when I turn my back on him?
Look Sweetie, George is humping me. So I’m kicking him in his faux-nuts. He likes it!
You should blog about how clean Calvin’s little balloon-knot is. [To which I replied, “Get your own blog.”]
Let me see the chimichunga.
Feel this . . . I think there is something wrong with it. It's all hard.
Honey, show me Felix. Come on.
No matter how many spankings you get in a day, you need more.

And apparently he has missed his wiener, because it’s all about the wiener lately. Well, strike that, because isn’t it all about the wiener all the time? Do I see a show of hands?

So, Pup sits around like Al Bundy. Can’t let that thing out of his sight. Or out of his hand.

He places his wiener on the back of my desk chair, places his wiener on my neck, places it on my back.

We will be in the office, having a normal conversation. I turn to look at him. His wiener is out. He has expectant look on his face.

Walks through the house, stops to shake it at George. Stops to shake it at Calvin.
Says, “Hey, why don’t they shake their wieners at me?

His wiener looks delighted to be out and about once again I have to say.

Smooches my Pup, I missed you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BlackBerry Pets

Gotta do it.
Aaaaah yes.

What would I do without that damn BlackBerry camera?

I own this FABULOUS Nikon and where all all my shots?

On the damn BLACKBERRY.

Well . . . as John Lennon said,

Life Is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hot Men Friday

Brandon Boyd

This pick isn't necessarily because he's that hot - although my daughter has thought him the pinnacle of hotness since a tender age - it's more about daughters and influences from them and loving what they are now, but missing them from how they used to be.

The other night before bed I was reading a few blogs from my stash and read Bella's post about songs and love and read Karen's post about daughters and growing pains.

These somehow meshed and combined in my chaotic mind and made me not be able to stop thinking about Incubus.

Bella was at that age and listening to all of her music-of-her-age. The music that was fueling her growth and change and carving out, just a little bit here, the woman she was going to be.

I was listening too. By default I'll admit. Some of it was CRAZY. I never never did get KORN  - brrrrg! But I kept hearing this particular band that she loved. The singer could SING, the songs were well-written. I would find myself singing along when she would play them.

If this bugged her, she hid it well. Who wants their MOMMA liking or finding interest in something you are using for your revolution? I exaggerate, but I do remember worrying about that just a tad.

Because I fell in LOVE with Incubus. Seriously. Embarrassingly. Who listened to them that was over 25 at the time?

I bought a few CDs and during my 1.5 to 2 hours on the road every day (long commute back then) I listened to them over and over. Bellowing along day after day to Favorite Things and You Will Be a Hot Dancer and Summer Romance. That last one got played and sang to a million times. At least. One reason I like to commute alone.

I loved them so much that when Bella and her gang decided to go see Incubus, Taproot, Papa Roach, and the Deftones at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Minneapolis, I begged to tag along.

Bella and her friends were in high school and we decided to meet at the concert since all of them were driving from our home north of the cities while I was already there since I worked in the cities.

While walking alone through the skyways to get to Roy Wilkins, I ran into the owners of the corporation I worked for at the time. K and L were resplendent in a mink and a tux, dressed for an evening event.

"Where are you heading Deborah"? K asked me. I remember looking at her in her gorgeousness for a beat and wondering what she and L would think if I told them I was heading over to a mosh pit to hang with a bunch of 17 year-olds. I kept that info to myself and said I was meeting friends. Ha!

I approached the gate waving my ticket at the young security guard that was merrily frisking people and checking bags. There I stood in my black pencil skirt, button-down blue blouse, heels, and pearls, carrying my black Coach handbag.

The young 'un took one look at me and shook his head in the negative and said out loud, "Oh hell no"! meaning he would NOT be frisking this mom nor manhandling her bag or anything else on her person.

I breezed in and quickly discovered something.

I found my seat and pulled out my cell phone to call my friend Reechie.

"What am I going to do? There is no one in this room over the age of 30 except for me. And I'm more than a little bit over 30. I feel like this is crazy!"

Reechie just kept laughing at me and thanking God that it wasn't her.

The kids arrived and pulled straws to see who would get stuck sitting near me. I'm only half kidding.

It was loud, smokey, intense, awesome.

Our seats were in the first row just above the mosh pit. Bella had graciously not gotten floor tickets so I wouldn't have to handle that, but I could tell that the group was wishing that they were out there with all the body surfing and jumping from the stage into the crowd that was going on.

Once every so often the floor would open up and we'd be watching two or more people pushing and shoving each other. I kinda forget what that was called. I actually have forgotten much of the evening I was so high from the pot I was breathing in.

Incubus was amazing. I loved loved loved seeing them perform all the stuff I enjoyed and had to stifle myself from singing along with the band. Seriously amazing.

Okay, maybe I didn't stifle myself that carefully, but in my head I was behaving. Bella reminded me just today of something I did to the poor lead singer of the opening band that dared to walk in front of us. I plead no memory of this event. Do you believe me?

After Incubus was done there were one or two more bands that were going to perform, but I was high, tired, my head was pounding, and I was really starting to feel out of place.

I said my goodbyes even though they begged me to stay (uh huh! lol) and burst out of the doors into blinding light only to bump directly into someone.

It was a man. A grown man. A man my age.

We took one look at each other, panting, sweating, not 17, and burst out laughing! He couldn't wait to get out either.

I drove home overly carefully - listening to Incubus all the way.

Once in my kitchen I proceeded to devour the entire contents of my fridge. Heh!

What an unselfish girl to let her momma go with her and her friends. I knew right then that Bella had the most generous spirit. Even while trying to figure out who she was.

Drive my darling. Drive.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrifting a Go-Go

Bella and I went thrifting last Saturday.
Basket of men anyone?
This was pretty cool actually. Someone made it from grocery bags. We could see the Cub Foods logo scattered throughout. I'd love a huge one for using at the grocery store. Do you guys all bring your own bags?

The Coffee Bean Lamp. WTH?? and GROSS!
Bella and I thought this was AWESOME, but we both decided we did not need a project. Wouldn't this chair be awesome to blog from though? Or lurk creepily read all the blogs in my reader?

Paint-by-Number Jesus

Deja Shoe?
This little adorable cutie was not for sale. Darn it! Click on the photo for her outfit details. Her cuter-than-cute jean jacket and pink top were so casually hip.

I couldn't stop looking at her!

At one point in the day we had set our cart aside for a minute while checking out some junk fascinating stuff and when we resumed our shopping I grabbed the wrong cart. When discovered, we had to dash around the store trying to find the person we swapped with because Bella's KEYS to her CAR were in the pocket of her jacket in the cart (we NEVER leave our handbags in the cart, of course).

We found it and had a good laugh, but I kept imagining someone cruising through the parking lot hitting the key fob over and over until they found her car.

Crisis averted.

Is there medication for what ails me? Ha!

Don't answer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Opening Day

Such a gorgeous day. It was 74 outside! I drank it in like a glass of milk with Peanut M&Ms. It was a delicious.

Since today's high will be 55 degrees I will hold yesterday in my happy place until the next awesome day comes along. They're coming. I can smell it.
Awesome seats yes?
Fashion of the day.
Gimme some of that.

Oh and sidebar; yes, we lost, but I never care. Well, that's not true, I care, but it never rules the enjoyment of going to the ballpark.

I just love my Twins.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

Eee gads.

Who knew that being trained on a new job (Dallas - hot printer guru I met yesterday said working at The Tumbler could be like trying to drink from a fire hose) could be so exhausting?

This was week four and things are jelling a bit.

I was chatting with AGTM (Adorable Girl Training Me) - who coincidentally was laid off from her large corporate job the SAME TIME as me - said that she read in some of her 'materials from getting canned' that when women begin a new job they are FRUSTRATED that they cannot do EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. They want to be able to hit the ground running, make a contribution, and know everything about everything.

Men don't have this affliction. They let the information come to them when it comes and move forward from that.


That made me feel so much better and ironically - or 'of course' - things are lining up for me. Not that I know everything, but I don't feel quite so stumbly.

I'm settling in, people are getting to know me, I even made The Boy Genius (TBG) laugh a couple of times.

My annoying ways are becoming clear to all I work with.

Cast of Characters:

The Mom
The Dad
The Daughter

These three are, as far as I can tell, co-owners of The Tumbler. At times their infighting has all of us hanging our heads or scurrying for cover. At times it has me laughing my ass off at the realness of it all. Wouldn't we all like to talk to co-workers this way? I'm pondering on a daily basis if this would be good or bad. Either way it's rather eye-opening and educational.

I love all three of them.

The Mom is lovely, creative, kind. I'd like to have some wine with her on a Friday night. I think I will.

The Dad is quiet. Very, very nice. Very busy.

The Daughter. A force. Creative, biz-like, sweet, effective. Love her.

Then there is:

Older (by that I mean he's probably my age) Grumpy Guy. OGG talks to himself and likes to show me stuff I've done in error by searching me out and saying, "What's wrong with this"?

Dude, if I knew what was wrong, it would be right. He's perfectly nice as I like to say.

Cutie Curly Girl. CCG is the nucleus of the office. Knows EVERYTHING. Smart as a whip, cute as a button. Love love love her. She's as sweet and adorable as they come.

Her husband, Printer Boy. He is funny and self-deprecating. I admire PB and CCG for working together and showing all of us how it should be done. He's a go-to guy for me.

The Boy Genius. TBG is an introvert as many designers are. Super super scary smart. Has that awesome blend of left AND right brain that is splendid to observe. Sometimes he speaks and I have NO IDEA what he is saying. He owns no TV. I kinda love this. The Daughter owns no TV either. Should I tell them that Pup and I own 9 TVs?

Adorable Girl Training Me. AGTM works part-time for The Tumbler. She is so cute, blond, efficient, and full of great ideas. Fun fun fun!

Then there is me.

"Oh! You're the new Creative that The Tumbler hired"? the hot printer guru said. "They've been threatening for months to get someone new in here."

That's me, The New Creative.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hot Men Friday



I have to SIGH!

No whining, just some looking.


Bradley Cooper

We used to watch Alias EVERY week. I remember thinking this guy was cute, but not too rememberable (yes that's a word - it is!).

Then I began spotting him here and there and most recently, here. This is a good movie! I love intrigue and twists and this one left me kinda wondering right until the end. And I got to stare into his blue blue eyes the whole time. Swoonskiis!
What's going on for you this weekend? Are you getting your hands dirty? Cleaning out closets? Vacuuming your car? Looking at your toes and going 'whoa daddies'?

Me too! At least in my head.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Throw It Down

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 
~Mark Twain

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
~Wayne Gretzky

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.
~Norman R. Augustine

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
~Jim Ryan

The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.
~Steve Smith

It's not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

It's never too late to become what you might have been.
~George Elliot