Monday, December 31, 2012


This is not my creation, but it's so adorable!
We moved Momma Betty (Pup's momma) into an assisted living community recently and while all of this is new and scary for her we want to make certain that she gets the lay of the land. But, of course, all of us are idiots and no one went over any of the paperwork given to us from the facility.

There's a lot to learn.

First of all - you can't just show up in the cafe and expect breakfast. You have to plan for that - as the kitchen would. So we were to have signed up the day before; which we didn't.

No, this is not a restaurant. Ha! You get what they're serving. Three very sad faces in my group. This family eats out a lot! Which means I eat out a lot! There will be a period of adjustment here.

So, while we're wreaking havoc in our Pup-family way, I sit back to listen to some of the other Q-tips (my affectionate naming of the senior-set). There is a conversation going on at a table just off of my left a bit.

Older gentleman is saying to older lady:

How long have you been here?

She replies:

Oh, I think I've been here the longest of anyone. I've been here since 1997!

Older gentleman:

What? No you haven't! I've been here the longest! 

Older Lady:

I don't remember you. I'm certain I would have seen you around.

Older gentleman:

I got down here at 7:30! I was the first!

Older lady shaking her head and looking confused.

Another older gentleman chimes in:

Honey, he means today - how long have you been here today?

She exclaims:

Now why would you want to know that? Breakfast doesn't start until 8:30!

I was choking on my oatmeal.


Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I've had this one for as long as I can remember. It's a bit embarrassing. Proof that I am eternally 12 years-old. Yeah, I knew you would agree!

I have a love.

A love for . . .

Office supplies.

Yep, I can't resist new mechanical pencils, the perfect gel pen, and notebooks.


I have them tucked everywhere. In my handbag, in the kitchen, on my office desktop (well, duh!), in my bedroom, in my car, in The Big Room, in Pup's car, in the bathroom. Yes, even there. You just don't know when a random thought might appear and let's be clear here - if I don't write it down immediately, it's gone. GONE!
I know I've passed this particular obsession to at least one of my daughters. Along with my love of hair twirling. Hey! It's what mothers are for.

I don't think of my obsession as bad, I think of it as necessary.

I know they have some office supplies hidden in here somewhere.
What's your secret obsession?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Knee Deep in the Bootla

Well, not exactly. It's snowed a bit here and there, but not the pounding I'm desiring. It's winter! Let's get our snow on!

We have passed the shortest day which always makes me happy because now we're heading back to longer days of more light.

I do kinda cocoon in during these dark dark days. Very reflective. Maybe even a touch down. It's my nature. I'm mostly happy, but have never minded nurturing a down day here and there. It just feels right at times.

So I pad around in slippers and flannel, enjoying my SAD experience. If that makes no sense, well then welcome! You are beginning to get it!

All of that aside, let's enjoy a few shots of our Eve Eve.

Wow! Is that my house? I like it!
See the workout outfit hanging on the door at the top of the stairs? Yeah, it's been hanging there for more than a minute. Heh!
George is waiting for everyone to get here already. Don't they know he's waiting to hump them and jump on them? Bad dog.
The meatballs. I only ate one while making them. That might be the first time ever.
Load up the tray to set the table.
Simple, but so pretty.
We all have feet.
George might be pouting. He really has no idea that his life is perfect.
But the Squeekers get it.
I hope your days were merry and bright.

Smooches all my holiday hooches.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


December 20th.

How is it that each and EVERY Christmas it sneaks up on me. December 1st was just two days ago yes? Poopy shitty.

We've been hosting quite a bit here at Chez Emerson. We had a small, but lovely, Thanksgiving where I managed to bring the meal to the table on time and in a tasty fashion. And this past Saturday we hosted The Pup Family Christmas at our house. I think about 38 people were milling around here.

The Pup Family Christmas usually is held at the church since there are so many of us, especially now since my family is involved and the young uns are pairing up and reproducing at an alarming rate. I'm kidding, there isn't anything alarming about it.

But having it at the church, in the church basement, was never much fun. We would congregate, (like that? I'm really good I know) eat, play the dice game, clean up, leave.

Pup's sister had it at her house a couple of years ago and it was sooooo much better. We decided when it was our turn we would chance it here.

Of course it had to fall on the weekend following my first week on the new job. By Wednesday, when I would come home full of funny stories, excitement about what I was learning, and simple exhaustion because learning is hard - and then fall into bed by 9:00 instead of planning, cleaning, organizing - I was getting a bit worried.

Oh hell, let's not lie. I was getting a big fretful.

No reason to fret.

I was more organized than I realized. I had written the menu and sent out assignments to all involved so by Saturday morning all I had to do was throw the turkey in the oven, put the honey baked in the crock and open some wine. I had implored Lorenzo to come early to help, but she and the BT came and just got to hang out with us and visit. And Lorenzo and I drank some coffee with Bailey's - mmmm!

It went off perfectly. Just how I wanted it. Instead of all of the families breaking into groups by family like we always did at the church, I found groups of people TALKING and LAUGHING. It was wonderful. I kinda wouldn't mind having it every year, but don't tell Pup.

This week we are hosting The Eve Eve (the kidlets and theirs come be with us alone) and Pup is pouting big time because I'm making my world famous spaghetti and meatballs รก la Marlena - my momma. I've said before that I am a good cook, not a great cook, but I do have two areas where I am the best. In my head the best.

My meatballs are beyond good. I'm serious. Not like anything you've ever had. Don't argue with me and think, "Oh she hasn't had mine" because you'd be wrong.

Yes, I'm half kidding, but half NOT kidding. For real y'all.

So, my meatballs and then my gravy. I can make gravy. I can make you fall in love with gravy.

The rest that I can cook is good, but these two are superb. It's not bragging when it's the truth. Ha!

But Pup is pouting because he says that's not traditional and I said suck it Pup. I made turkey twice in two months. Enough with the turkey. He said I am vicious. Smooches my Pup - I'll make traditional on Christmas day.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went to the funeral of my dear friend's momma's yesterday. I have known my friend since I was around 16 so I have known her momma for that time as well. Many days and evenings were spent at her house and I always found her momma entertaining, lovely, funny, and stylish.

She was a wonderful woman and passed suddenly and unexpectedly. She was 86. When she was 83 she jumped out of an airplane. Yes, she was that woman. Don't you want to be her? Except now that I'm in my 50s, 86 just seems too young. I know that sounds ridiculous. :)

I am sitting in a pew and people watching, as I like to do, and I become aware of a conversation going on behind me. A man and a woman. They know each other, but haven't seen one another for a while from what I was hearing.

The family comes in and takes their places in the front. The man behind me whispers to the woman, "I have one word for _________ - Botox." (I'm not really certain who he was talking about, but I have a good idea.)

The woman giggled. Then the man said, "If you repeat that I will deny." The woman giggled again.

A few minutes later we stood during the singing of the closing hymn so I could turn a bit to see my whisperers. They were about 80 themselves! I had to choke down laughter. I kinda felt like Mary Richards from the Chuckles the Clown episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

I kept it dignified like you know I am (ahem) and giggled to myself now and then the remainder of the day. Seriously put a cherry on the whole experience. And I think my friend's momma would have laughed as well.

Smooches my hooches.

Monday, December 10, 2012

What's on My Samsung

It just doesn't have the same ring does it?

I will never love it like I loved my Blackberry. It doesn't fit in my handbag phone slots. It gets all schmeary after I'm done yapping on it. It doesn't let me know when I have emails all the time. Ya. And I have emails from my new boss I need to get. Ya. Piece of . . .


Hello emoticon - you old resource you.

The week though is something!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Supplements for Complients

Or something?

I take a lot of supplements.

sidebar - holla!
But I have a hard time taking them. I forget. I procrastinate. I ignore. I gag.

Blech . . .

I want to take them. I have spent money on these bad boys. I have obviously decided I need these. I have millions - well at least dozens - of reasons to take these.

So why don't I?

What do y'all do to take your supplements. Tricks? Tips?

Right now I scoop them all out and plop them into a zipper baggy. Then I tuck it where I am. In my handbag, in my tote bag, on my desk, on the kitchen island, in the bathroom.

Some days I win. Some days they win.

Ideas needed!

When I've had to give pills to George (dog) I cover them with peanut butter. Hmm . . . I may be on to something.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Ass Like an Apple

I saw one tonight. At the gym. On a guy. An older guy.

Pup pointed him out to me saying, "I don't know how old that guy is, but look at his physique. We need him to be our trainer."

I said, "Let's follow him and you can do everything he does." Pup laughed. But he did press some metal for a few sets. About 100 pounds? I dragged him over to the free weight section as well. We did some arm dips together.

Pup mostly likes to sit on the machines and rest.

I shook hands with that cable and handle thingy that sits in the corner of our gym. Actually, there are two of them. Of course I forget the name. I'll get it and report back.

It has cables and weights and you can customize it for all the upper body muscles you want to make cry.

I think I might be crying tomorrow when I try to lift my arms over my head. That will make me happy!