Monday, March 29, 2010

Pattie and George

Pattie Boyd Harrison Clapton has been the inspiration for five songs from two different rock stars according to wiki. I knew about three of them, but five?

Harrison's, Something and For You Blue, and Clapton's Layla, Wonderful Tonight, and Bell Bottom Blues.

Creative is as creative does I like to say.

Well, I'd say it if you were listening wouldn't I?


She really is something to be sure.


Christina Lee said...

I didn't know it was five either! wowee---imagine!

Heff said...

All the best women get rock songs written about them.

Blasé said...

A woman really doesn't care how big a man's ears are, apparently.


That is the order I would guess who was more efficient in the bedroom.

I got something for you today, Deborah. But it has nothing to do with giving you a "Naughty Blogger Award". I don't do those.

Deborah said...

What is is Mr. B? I love surprises!

Oh and BTW - how do you think guy's ears get big anyway, hmm?


Heff - do you write music? Is there a Donna-song?

Daisy said...

Hi Deborah! I am here by way of Blase. I've been reading some of your past posts and I think I'll come back again.

I didn't know Patty had 5 songs about her either.

Have a nice Monday.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I think I'm having a computer malfunction. Your header isn't here and neither is the first picture!

Dutch donut girl said...

Wow, she was the muse of music. I just love the song ´Layla´.