Thursday, March 18, 2010

And Now . . . a Pause from Our Sponsors

Heff mentioned in one of his comments that we (I believe he only meant me, but I'm using my blog-license) should get out there in the moment. Less writing - more living.

It's because we have the fever. The spring fever. The spring fling. You know, where we fling everything out, polish it up, place it on the shelf, and enjoy the tidy.

Whooo daddies, it's a beautiful day.


Heff said...

Well, blogging IS an EXTREME waste of time, but I didn't mean quit, lol !

Deborah said...

Oh heck no Heffinator. I'm just piggy-backing (no snickering please) off of your comment. Got me thinking yes?

I'm in for the gin.

Marla said...

More snow on the way so I guess I will be wasting MORE time blogging.

Enjoy your beautiful weather....darn you!

Ms. Anthropy said...

Hooray for good weather... whether we're blogging or outdoors!

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm definitely in the spring spirit too. So gorgeous and fresh. Winter be gone!

Mc Allen said...

well, along with warm weather DOEs mean more time outdoors. Or so it shold.. It should, right??. I go from one extreme to the other. Blogarama ort not at all... Im trying to grow through that :) . Great post and cant wait to see the pics from all of your outdoor excursons ;) xoxo LA