Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Las Vegas Stories

The Scene
This is the story of four little girls who went to the policy academy . . .

Oh wait, wrong girls . . .

This is the story of four women-girls who went to Vegas. Deb-oh-rah, Sherry-baby, Lorenzo, and myself.

Or should we use our stripper-names? Kitty Liberty, Penny Lane, Priscilla Forest, and Muffin Aurelia. Alright, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe you had to be there, hmm? Oh, you guys should have BEEN there!

We drank bloody's for breakfast (okay - we had eggs too), had vodka for all the rest of the meals. Or tequila. Or brandy. Lots of liquor. Priscilla said we had to keep our day-buzz going or we wouldn't make it through the night.

We went to a couple of comedy shows, did a little shopping, visited Madame Tussauds (what a hoot!) and gambled!

I am a terrible gambler. Really bad. I should just throw 20s out the window of the airport shuttle - of course I couldn't drink for free then could I? Hail no!

I signed up for TI's Player's Club card, took my free $10, added another $20 and literally gambled for three days. How is this possible? Although one afternoon Priscilla and myself hung out at the Venetian chatting up the bartenders and a couple of deep sea scuba Texans (I might need clarification on this one) while playing Keno for an entire afternoon. So much laughing my face hurt. Literally.

Very relaxing time, yet not at all! By Sunday I was READY to come home. I wanted my Pupcake, my dog, and naughty cat.

Traveling is fun, but there is no place like home.


Heff said...

I hear ya. I gamble 'til I run out of money.

Which takes about 10 minutes.

R. Jacob said...

you must be Jaclyn Smith?

Ms. Anthropy said...

I'm no angel and I only gamble with blogging. (but... like Heff, it only took about 10 minutes go broke) Not really, I'm down, but not out... thanks to bloggers like you. As long as there are people like you, I will stay in the gambling arena. Thanks Angel!

Deborah said...

RJ - Jaclyn Smith - that is the Charlie's Angel I would want to be.

Heff - are you a Vegas guy? I can see you lovin' Vegas. Serously - who doesn't love Vegas yes?

Ms. A - I am glad to hear what you are saying! You are a voice I need to hear.

Dutch donut girl said...

It sounds like you had a whole lotta fun.