Monday, July 29, 2013

What's on My Samsung?

Well hello there.

You've missed me.

Oh come on - I know it! I have a face just made for missing.

Let me have my dreamy thoughts. It could happen!

What a summer it has been yes? Gorgeous around these parts. Lovely, balmy, calm, and just a tad - umm - just a tad . . . you know what? I'm not going to finish that thought.

Here's a few shots of some of what I've been doing.
George driving.
I thought my dad needed to know about this. Since he's from New Ulm Minnesota and all. 
This made me giggle because I'm a 12 year-old boy. Yup.
New addition to the Chez Emerson zoo. This is Oliver.
I managed to re-bloom an orchid! I was disproportionately excited. 
Got new patio furniture. Made Pup move it from one spot to the next. He's still speaking to me.
Another shot of the crazy-eyed Oliver. He's kinda cute. 
I have become one of those people that takes too many photos of her pets. Soon you will find kitty litter in my hair and I will tenderly pick fur off of my leggings. That I wear as pants. People will whisper, "She used to be so fun! She used to be so stylish!" Gah

What have you been doing this summer?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gathering Moss


Are you a lover of that word? Transition.

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: change, often major
Synonyms: alteration, changeover, conversion, development, evolution, flux, growth, metamorphosis, metastasis, passage, passing, progress, progression, realignment, shift, transformation, transit, transmutation, turn, turning point, upheaval
Antonyms: beginning, conclusion, end, finish, introduction, sameness, stagnation, start

Do you love what it might mean? Mean for you? Mean in general? Mean for propulsion? Your propulsion?

I'm not alluding to any major change. Not truly. But of course yes, yes a bit. Change.

Because if you're not moving and changing, you're still. And being still could mean you're stuck. I know this isn't good. I know because I'm a veteran of being stuck. Therefore I've become very very good at kicking my own ass. You know, to get it moving.

I make that effort mostly because it's my nature. I make that effort because I do care to improve. I make that effort because change is not comfortable for me and I need to challenge that portion of me always or I'd just be at home with those I love and never venture out. Although, remarkably, I've done many many things in my past and those that know me may have thought, "Oh! That took some balls." Maybe they thought that.

So hallelujah! Thank goodness that something pushes me. It might be me. It might be circumstance. It might be desire. It might be necessity. Yes! Yes, and yes is my favorite word.

Our little Calvin. Sleep peacefully forever now little dude. Smooches and I will miss your annoying ass.