Sunday, May 24, 2009


Several are rumbling around in my head.

Thoughts about:

1. Hosting a clothes swap
2. Doing closet makeovers
3. Online "choose her style" competitions

I've done some thinking about design as well. Of course design is everywhere. From our clothes to our houses to how we style our office environment. All these things are linked together. One influences the other. We should treat these things as integrated; not segregated.

Ever notice how a friend who's style you admire is stylish in all aspects of her life? Her car, her interior decor, her hair, her makeup, her clothes. I'm not talking about how you'd like to copy her look, but you see how her "look" is in all of her life. Not just on her back.

I'll be thinking for days I can see!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Am So Jealous of This Girl

Total and complete effortless chic.

I had a knockoff of this bag several years ago. Where is it? I think in a fit of organizing I gave it to baby-girl number 2. Wah!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thrifting Revisited

Here are a couple of shots of a few things I found while thrifting the other day.

Daily Tip

Get in your closet. It's spring and time to move things from your winter closet out and bring in all your warm weather clothes. This is the perfect time to assess what you have in your closet.

Get creative. Pair some colors together to shake it up a bit. Like purple and gray, white with beige, purple and yellow, navy blue and gray; endless choices.

Start combining things that seem incongruous. The current leggings-with-everything is a great place to start. Put them under dresses, skirts, tunics. Put t's under cami's. Cami's under sundresses, denim jackets with pencil skirts, polos with flowery skirts; you get the picture.

Try everything and anything. You are going to find something you never thought of before. Combine outfits and take pictures of them so you don't forget.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Cross body bags. Once you've used one you will never want to switch. Especially nice when out shopping.


There is a lot of talk around regarding thrifting. Several ways to go about it as well. Some of you guys just don't enjoy the hunt while others live for it! It can be fun and you can score amazing finds. You do need to have fortitude and comfortable shoes.

I was out and about today at several different types of second-hand stores.

The first one was a typical thrift store. Organized very nicely! Clean, orderly, a pleasure to rummage about in. Found a darling vintage straw clutch, a workout hoodie and T.

Next I went to another type of thrift store. Less organized, but lots of fun digging for interesting household items. Here I found a boombox-type stereo for my deck and a couple of hardcover books I've been meaning to read.

Third place I visited was a high-end consignment store. Nice! Hit paydirt regarding denim. Didn't buy anything here, but I am planning on returning regularly. This place is perfect for anyone with a transitioning body. Perfect!

Here are a few pointers regarding thrifting:

Thrift Store Fashion DO's and DON'Ts
• Do be willing to spend a morning or afternoon to find the very best bargains.

• Do be prepared to visit a thrift store more than once to find clothes that you like.

• Do shop at a thrift store that donates its proceeds to charity.

• Do inspect an item of clothing for fading, stains, tears or blemishes.

• Do look for brand-name items. Brand-name items cost much less at thrift stores.

• Do look for items that have never been worn and still have their original tags.

• Do try on the clothing before buying it.

• Don't go into the store with the attitude that you won't find what you want.

• Do shop alone. I love to bring friends, but they can never last as long as I last. I can dig forever!

• Don't forget to accessorize - some thrift stores have great accessories in addition to clothes.

Hiatus Over

Yay for Hunger. I have a plateful of ideas.