Friday, September 28, 2012

Hot Men Friday

Jeff Hephner

I had never heard of this guy before I started watching Kelsey Grammer's Boss.  If you like sex, power, bad behavior, and a gorgeous cast check this show out.

This guy plays a politician. He is so naughty. He is fun watching being naughty. Steamy! And naughty. Did I say he was naughty? Heh!
I love it when baby-faced guys try to look all serious and gruff. Grrrr!

It's a good show though if you like that kind of stuff. Which I apparently do. Reinforcing my image as deep-as-a-puddle.

And this girl is fun to watch as well. I want my new nickname to be Kitty!
I have the glasses, but that's about it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I have no idea . . .

. . . what is on my mind this glorious morning.
  1. our weather has been no less than spectacular.
  2. I found something that is working for my insomnia - so far so good - two weeks!
  3. planning a January trip with two friends to somewhere warm warm warm - hot damn dog.
  4. driving today to cute small town to see my parents - so happy my sister and I are tag-teaming these trips. Barnabee sounds wonderful.
  5. drinking my morning coffee from my enormous mug.
  6. still getting pangs whenever I see anyone with a Blackberry. Wah!
  7. can fall last forever please?
  8. our darling Lorenzo is buying a townhouse! I am excited beyond measure. I could go on and on about her, but I won't - just know that she is the best thing you've ever seen. Love her madly.
  9. Looking for townhouses with our darling Lorenzo is FUN! Every place I enter I start decorating in my head. I will help her, but not hinder her. I promise.
  10. My Bella is more than you'd ever know. Full-time job where she is involved in major corporate changes, finishing up her undergrad degree at the Carlson school in the UofM, becoming a power-volunteer with the org we are volunteering for. My heart bursts on a daily basis.
 I'm not feeling funny or snarky today. Sad for me! I like a little hot sauce in my coffee to keep me laughing. That's okay - I'm thinking all this sleep is making me groggy. Maybe? Believe me - I find something to bitch about no matter what. Ha!
Unrelated photo from new phone - hmmm . . .
What's on your list of to-dos today? Put the top down and drive hooches. I just might. I'll be the girl with the hat driving in the 10 and 2 position. Don't make fun of me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love You Madly

In case you all want a piece of Cake.
The music video is making me hooongry. Bonus - see Phyllis Diller? I miss her!

 Now I want to cook everything in that video. Mmmm . . .

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are You Lost?

All the dishes rattle
in the cupboards
when the elephants arrive. 

I'm not certain why, but this is rolling around in my head (alone I might add). For days now! Cake is one of those groups/bands/whatevers that my Bella introduced me to. I don't think I would have found them on my own. Maybe I would have? Regardless, I have loved Cake ever since.

I dated a guy for a bit back when I was dating and he and I would hang out in my tiny St. Paul apartment a lot and he always wanted me to put Cake on my little tiny stereo/system/whatevers every time he arrived with wine and a smile. He is the one that pointed out to me that Cake has no lead guitar. I pretended to know this by nodding wisely and smiling at him. He may or may not have been fooled by my ploys. But I thank him for my love of whiskey. Smooches Harry.

This particular set of lyrics is firmly stuck for the time being. I don't have a clue why (be nice).

My interpretation? When those elephants arrive, and those dishes are rattling, pay attention yes? The problem? I never know if it's the dinner plates rattling. Or the dessert plates. Or the cups and saucers. It makes a difference! I know there's a little voice in all of us, but I misinterpret my little voice constantly! Kinda like the way I drove before my Garmin (love you my Garmin). I would approach an intersection; think about where I wanted to be; choose the wrong way; every time.

I do believe I need a Garmin-type device on my decision-making sensors. Ha!
Pup gets the craziest fortune cookies!
I am happy and sad to share that I had to buy a new phone. My beloved and much abused Blackberry bit it and I had to choose a new love. I went with Samsung and so far the relationship is a bit rocky, but I am loving Swyping with wild abandon. I do know my thumbs are thanking me.

The camera is good! But this thing is larger than some phones from the early 90s! Holy Hannah it's big.

Smooches all of my lovely peeps. I wish you all could come visit me at work today. I'll need some friendly faces to make me happy because I have to work on such a glorious day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


1990 or so. I think. Help me Naea?
Lorenzo and I had a weepy moment the other day. Separately.

I had started the day just thinking that my insomnia was getting the best of me and felt as though I just may be starting to lose it. A little bit of crying at my computer and I was good to go. I, personally, don't see anything wrong with a little cry now and then. It always makes me feel better!

I head out to an appointment and get a call from my darling Lorenzo. I miss it because I'm in my noisy Ruby (Jeep Wrangler) so I call her back.

"Momma, did you listen to my voicemail?" Lorenzo said. "I am having a crying jag! I woke up this morning and started thinking about Nana."

My momma, her Nana, died eight years ago in September.

I had been thinking about her on and off all week as well. It hadn't really hit me why I was thinking about her because I think about her often.

We now know why we were weeping. Even if you don't think you consciously remember; it's down there in your brain.

Love you my Momma. Miss you always.


  1. Start day with coffee, Stevia, and heavy cream. I am contemplating the rest of the day. Of course I am not prepared. Wouldn't you all be disappointed if I were all prepared? Who likes a smart-ass? Why I do!
  2. I worked five hours at The Turnstyle today. I looked up "standing" in my fitness calculator and was a bit shocked how many calories standing for hours can burn. Very interesting.
  3. I don't like to eat while at work so when I leave I am starving. Muy estúpido. 
  4. Pup and I go to a movie. I was excited to see it. It blew. Ate popcorn. Yum!
  5. I fall into bed and sleep a long time. Well, for me a long time. It was restless, but sleep. I'll take it!
I had a bit of pasta to wear off from Friday evening's family night at Buca di Beppo. We were celebrating our beautiful, smart, and accomplished Bella's 30th birthday. How on earth!!! Second celebration of that birthday in the same week. Score!
I very rarely eat pasta because it is one of those things I cannot eat enough of when I'm eating it. But I ate some last night and enjoyed every bite. And didn't do too horribly. There was also a wonderful eggplant strata that I had my fair share of. Nummy!

It was an evening of delicious red wine and all of Sarah Bella's parental units. I am proud to say that her daddy (my wasband), his wife, the Big B's parents, Pup, and I were all in attendance. And, of course, Lorenzo (Lorenzo's man, BT, was unable to attend).

I am really a lucky and happy woman that I get along with my ex, can chat away with his wife with no weirdness, and even give said wasband major shit about this or that. I kinda love it. This is the new normal; for us anyway. I could see how happy it made Bella and for that my heart swells with everything good.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh oh!

I don't know what Pup did, but it must be bad!

I laughed until rice was coming out of my nose!

Monday, September 10, 2012


. . . of fun . . .

Four of us, sitting in a pub after work during the late happy hour, singing this at the top of our lungs.

The weirdest part? All four of us knew the damn words. I don't know if I should be scared or delighted!

I can tell you how the rest of the bar felt. The looks on the faces all around us told the tale. I am still giggling. And yes, I might have been the loudest. 

I totally remember wearing this dress and having that hair in junior high or so. The truth? We will all be looking at our hair today in 20 years or so saying, "Oh dear! What was I thinking?" We were all thinking we looked cute as hell, yes we were.

I KNEW I was cute with this hair and this dress.

I just bought this for my iTunes. Oh yes I did.

It's Monday! It's September! Look at your calendar and get it going! Then come and help me. Please?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thinking About

The Cure.

I think I forgot how I love them so. And I've never seen them live.

Do you love to see your favorites on the stage?

Or would you rather curl up listening to them in your home, in your favorite chair, on the floor, sitting at the table, or at your desk?

Music makes me insane. All my life it has been so.

If I am having the crappiest day, if I leave my volunteer job in tears because someone has been such an asshole, if I fall behind on the things I need to do, if I just feel shitty for no reasonable reason; all I have to do is find something amazing to listen to and - bam! - it's better.

And I thank the powers that this is so.

Do me proud today my hooches. I noticed yesterday that the light is changing in the sky and it has fall written all over it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Like Audrey Hepburn

It's been a long and hot summer.

And, as mentioned, I've been wearing nothing but skirts, dresses, tanks. Nothing with legs or sleeves. My happiest days are when I can say, "I'm wearing only two things!" Pup usually says, "Take one off!"

That's how hot it's been. And now it's September. And still pretty hot. And I work retail. Where you're running around. And I'm hot. I just am!

Yesterday morning I had to open at The Turnstyle. I haven't opened in a loooooong time. In fact a lot of this hot summer I wasn't at work at all with all the Barnabee squiring I was involved in (smooches Barnabee).

Before I leave for work I stand in front of my closet. Peering into its depths. There is more in there than needs to be - hey, I'm a woman. But just between you and me? That closet is out of control. No matter how much I edit and purge and ween out crap, it's full full full.

Imagine the sound of hangers being shuttled to the left, click click click. I go deeper and deeper.

Aha! A little black dress. Sleeveless. To the knee. A kick pleat in the back. Price tag still on. WTH?

A woman phenomenon. We buy stuff on sale. My favorite phrase is, "It costs less than a latte!" Nothing makes me happier than a price tag with several strikes through the price making it lower and lower and than it's thrown in a 75 percent off rack. Oh the heaven of it all. Even at The Turnstyle, a consignment store, I love when it's at least 50 percent off.

But I digress, of course.

I clip off the tag. Look lovingly at the price. "Ooooo, that was a good shopping day." I slip on the dress.

I like to turn to the side, suck everything in perfectly, admire my front bumps and back bumps, and convince myself how amazing I look. Hey - it's all presentation. Even when you catch a glimpse of the back bump in motion. Oye vey!

I throw my badly behaved hair up high in a clip, pull out some very artful hangy-pieces (yup - otherwise known as what-the-hell hair) and call it a day.

I trot off to work where new young un interim manager/intern Izzy and Shelley-belly tell me I look just like Audrey Hepburn.

Yup, I look exactly like this, right down to the sunglasses and coffee.
Oh the power of a little black dress! And be quiet y'all. A girl can have a moment yes?

Hooches - repeat after me - I may not be everything, but I sure am something!

Go get em!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Actually, it was me on the phone, having a conversation with a voter. Read this aloud with a loud voice, full of disdain and derision.

Are you trying to talk to me about gays and lesbians for cryin' out loud? I'm a Republican!

Oh well, at least I wasn't talking to a chair. Although my head does hurt a little bit from banging it against several walls.

It's all the other conversations I had that day that made that headache go away. Bang on Minnesotans!