Monday, March 22, 2010

The Fever

Holy Crapinoli. It is only 26 degrees right now, but the sun is shining and there is the possibility of close to 60 degrees today.

Did you hear me?

60! That's practically naked weather here. I have seen people riding around in convertibles already. Not me, not yet. Once I take the top off Ruby (my Wrangler) it is a commitment. That top does not go up and down with a push of a button like Pup's BMW (yes, he's a spoiled brat; he bought it for himself six years ago and that man loves that car like I've never seen.)

So yes, we live in Minnesota. Where it is pretty cold nearly six months out of the year, yet we own two convertibles.

The reason? People around here are stone-crazy. No lie.

The sun comes out and the state goes insane for weather. Because when it's nice here it is the most gorgeous place ever. And when you know there might not be another day like this around the corner, it makes you appreciate the day you have.

The golfing, the driving ranges, the outdoor patios at resto's, the walking around the lakes.

All the lakes. 15 thousand of them. Boating, camping, hiking, riding in cars with boys, riding in cars by yourself.

Can't find a picture of Ruby with the soft top - sadness!

I love my Ruby. She is the 2nd Wrangler I've owned and as long as I can haul my round arse into that seat I will own one.

Yes, I have bad hair all summer. Yes people COMPLAIN when they ride with me. Yes it is like riding in a gravel-hauler. But man is it fun.

I can't find a pic of Pup's car. His is black.

Riding around in Pup's BMW is fun as well, but a different kind of fun. A skirt and sunglasses kind of fun. A valet-parking kind of fun.

I do both. I lean towards the wife-beater and hat kind of fun. Converse sneaks, a hoodie, and wife-beater. Jeez I cannot wait.


R. Jacob said...

I had a convertible. a 67 Camaro. I used to drive with the top down and play the Beach Boys on occasion during the winter months. The looks from passerby's were priceless!

Heff said...

We're having some pretty wacky weather changes here as well !

Anonymous said...

OOh, you have my DREAM JEEP!!!!!! *sigh* I had a Laredo for six years and when I traded it in (for a piece of crap Toyota 4runner) I cried at the dealership when I handed in the keys. They thought I was nuts.

My next car is gonna be a Jeep Wrangler. Oh please, the powers that be.

deb-oh-rah said...

I hate the cold, and many winters I wonder, whiningly sometimes, why we live in the Nort'. But April through October are pretty nice. I live on the lake, love my gardens, and I wouldn't want to give it up for nothin'! No other place is as beautiful. Counting my blessings.;-)

Ms. Anthropy said...

While I don't do the convertible thingy... my area needs AC, I'm down with the wife beater and sneakers! This year, I may even add a hat.

Karen! With that amazing house, you don't need anything else.

Deborah said...

Karen - get one! I can totally see you in one.

Deb - your place is awesome. Gorgeous gardens. And how green is everyone that does not live on a lake. You are blessed!

Ms A - sneaky little wife-beater-wearing cutie.

Marla said...

Since my hair looks like I ride in a convertible anyway, I won't complain if I ride with you.

Blasé said...

I deliver BMW parts! WHOOOOooo

Anonymous said...

Your jeep is a great vehicle to own!