Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Annoying

I know you guys don't know me that well, but I really can be annoying. Hey! You guys that DO know me - no fair chiming in with your raucous agreements!

The thing I am MOST annoying about is nutrition. I go ON and ON and ON. It's a wonder I haven't been murdered in my sleep with a fish oil gel shoved down my throat. (Pup? Is that you?)

I'm not saying I adhere to everything I say, (which makes it ever so much more annoying) but I just LOVE spewing out crap I've learned from classes or readings. Real boner-killing things like:

Sugar - you may as well get ready for your heart-attack if you eat any of this crap.

HFCS - our government is trying to kill us by subsidizing all the corn-producers in the country. Evil Evil!

Grains! No one would ever fart again if we stopped eating this crap!

Soy! Did you know that if men ingest too much of this shit they actually grow breasts??

You get my point. Do you want to choke me until my eyes bulge out yet?

So when I found this I laughed and laughed!

Oh my god, I haven't had tears squirt out of my eyes this hard for quite some time.


Ms. Anthropy said...

I think I know some doctors that do pretty much the same thing! I'm certainly not ready to choke you, yet. (but I do know what it's like to be choked to unconsciousness, having recently experienced it) (that was a joke, sort of)

deb-oh-rah said...

I have steadily increased the vitamins and supplements I take every morning -- I have a "drug jar" sitting on the end table and I take 10 different pills every morning. I keep hearing about stuff we need and don't get in our diets. I finally got off the straight Pepsi and went to diet and now they're saying that's just as bad. Vegetables and water are the only things that "they" say are okay. I can't live like that. I WON'T live like that. I HATE VEGETABLES!!

Deborah said...

Water and vegis are bad as well don't you know?

Water - bottled or green-choice tap? Hmm?
Vegis have to be organically grown and local. WTH do I eat during winter?

I give up.

But I won't stop being annoying.

Dutch donut girl said...

No sugar??????
I just cut you out of my will.

Deborah said...

Now - little DD girl, I can never get enough of that sugar!

Blasé said...

Apparently I haven't drunk too much of it, yet. But, I'll always have nipples no matter what.

Blasé said...

oh yeah. That video was funny, even though I didn't understand much of what they said. It's the accent, I think???

Anonymous said...

I need some sugar in my life, not just the sexual kind either. I have tried to reduce it and salt too. It might be having a positive effect on me. I'm not letting my boyfriend eat and soy, but if I eat more will it grow my breasts bigger, I'll try anything-ha ha.


Marla said...

You kill me.....or maybe it's just all the sugar I ate today. :-)

Deborah said...

Secretia - Why oh why are those two things so darn good? WHY?

I'm putting the slow-down on a few of Pup's treats as well.

Marla - You are funny!

Lo Lo said...

This is all too true Momma! I think your favorite thing to say is, "Well, the new school of thought is...".


Deborah said...

It's true little LL. Good thing I'm cute or I wouldn't have any friends.

;) < jk >