Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Motherless Bastard

My cat, Calvin, is odd.

I've owned many cats in these years, and most of them have been odd. Personality quirks, issues, fur-smoothing needs.

There was Amy, beautiful part-Persian longhair. She hated my mother and would disappear for hours at a time while mom was at my house. My ex-SIL also insisted that Amy would perch on the arm of the sofa and stare at her. I say that woman was odd and needed some staring.

Then there was Sailor, gorgeous tabby that my wasband and I found in Duluth on our honeymoon. She was the most ferocious hunter I've ever seen. She also turned out to be a prolific kitty-producer before we could blink an eye. We quickly took her for de-kitty-production.

Her offspring became a couple more cats we owned. China, who followed wasband around the yard like a doggy. We also quickly learned that an outdoor cat isn't the way to go. I know they act like they love it out there, but it's a hard world and I will never let a cat out there on their own again.

Then a succession of family kitties too numerous to mention. All of them with issues.

My oldest bestie, Deb-oh-rah, (since we were 16 baby!!) would tell you that maybe it's not the cats I've owned, but maybe moi? Wha? How can that be? ;)

Then came Calvin.

Now, I'm the owner of an American Staffordshire Terrier, George, and this breed is considered to have a high prey drive and cats are not recommended.
I'm afraid they didn't consider Calvin.

Pup is a cat lover, as am I, but when he fell in with me he also fell in with George. Pup has been a really good sport about George too, even though Pup would much rather have a smaller-type dog. Not a 75 pound piece of hard muscle that many people shoot you the stink-eye for just walking down the street - poor uninformed richards; but I digress (could I get to the point?).

So one day the lovely Sarah Nicole (dearest friend to my darling Sarah Bella) texted me a picture of a few kitties her vet clinic had on their hands. It appears that someone had decided to toss a couple of litters of kitties into a dumpster and leave them to their fate.

Someone heard their little mews and brought them to the vet's office where they were hand-fed for weeks and loved and these little guys needed a home.
There was one little, tiny, gray guy with wild eyes that I immediately fell for so we went to check them out. You know, just a little peek.

We adopted two of them. Calvin for us and DK for Lorenzo, who was newly living in San Francisco at the time and needed a little warm body to cuddle.

to be continued . . .


Heff said...

Don't get me started on CATS. Nice lookin' dog, though....

Anonymous said...

such cuties, i love fur babies i have 2

Ms. Anthropy said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of this story. Beautiful dog! I am granny to THE most wonderful Pit Bull. Sweetest dog on the face of the earth.

Deborah said...

Aren't Staffy's and Pitty's the best dogs ever? I'm ruined I have to say. I only want dogs like George forever and ever. So sweet.

Everyone that has met George falls directly in love with him.

Well . . . nearly everyone. :)

Dutch donut girl said...

Aww, they are all too cute. Cats are strange... very strange but I can't help falling in love with them.