Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm Still Hungry

Two and a half and stinkin cute.
What is it about getting older that has you taking your own inventory each and every day? I haven't figured if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It certainly is a thing!

Steadfast in my thinking, wishy-washy in my beliefs. tender-feelinged in more than a few moments. I feel as though I'm "working" on all of this always and forever. Is this good? Sheesh! The things out of my control are the things that are out of my control! Stuck and stymied. Yuck and ish!

The Daily Gratitude List

Todays is this:
  • healthy
  • family is healthy
  • more often than not happy
  • when not happy I dig deep to find the facts of it
I was recently at a family event and a few members (Pup's family I should say) were saying that they are blah blah age and don't have to try anything new if they don't want to. I said, out loud as my bad luck would have it, that if I didn't have a desire to learn or try new things when given an opportunity or even seek out those opportunities, I would be sad each and every day!

The people I know that are older and happiest are the ones that are still learning. 

Raise your glass of tequila (or your beverage of choice) and give me a "hell yeah!"