Saturday, March 13, 2010

Las Vegas Stories

Guest Blogger:

The Scene
Sex and the City Slot Machines

Me and you Momma!

The fabulous slot machine ladies of Sex and the City caught our eye, so we headed over there to test our luck. I had no luck and grumbled while the woman next to me (who looked like she belonged on COPS) got to pick out shoes from SJP's closet to win bonus spins.

For you however, the machine sang a different tune! After a few spins, you also got to pick out a pair of SJP's shoes. Oooooh the options - Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin... you picked the plaid box, let's call them Burberry :) Those Burberry shoes paid off, because you got three bonus spins!

So there I was, green with envy of your cyber-Burberry shoes and bonus spins, when you hit Vegas pay dirt; the machine started ringing and the faux coin-in-pay tray(?) noises started rolling! This prompted our OC housewife Vicki-esque "Woo hoo!"'s and Midwestern "Oh my god!"'s.

This went on for awhile and we were oblivious (as usual) to the crowd growing behind us, who were all curious to see who the next big Vegas winner was; blue-hairs, Q-tips, and all. Little did they know a mere $54 had been won and two gambling penny-pinchers were at the Sex and the City machine's helm.

As the witnesses to our garish excitement rolled their eyes in disappointment, I'm sure they were thinking - AMATEURS!

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