Friday, January 2, 2015

A Post a Day Keeps the Januaryitis Away

That's what I'm thinking. I'm writing every day this month just to see. Some of you may want to look away. It could get mesmerizing, oops, I might have meant, mortifying.

I weighed myself a few minutes ago and I was neither horrified nor satisfied! Which means I'm the same and that seems like a New Year Celebration right there. No damage! I am dancing in the form of walking lunges right now. Because, like it or not, January First is a good time to reinforce improvements.

January Pledges
  • Write more.
  • Read more.
  • Laugh more. 
  • Stop stressing out about people that you don't even like. Address and dismiss girl. They're fine where they are. Leave them there.
  • But be nicer. Guess what? It's nice to be nice. Today was day one - Nice!
  • Allow no doldrums this month. No, the sun probably won't shine, but who cares! Life is fantastic! The so-exciting-I-might-pee parts and the it's-Tuesday-and-I-get-to-watch-RHOBH parts. All good. 
  • Deep as a puddle can be entertaining, but maybe only to you.
  • Chubby and aged is prized in some cultures. You might want to move there! hehehe
  • To fight sadness about the above, remember the lovely doctor that repeatedly hit on you during Pup's stay a couple of months ago. Took me until hit #3 to get it. #notverybright #somelikeityourway #itdidtakemymindoffwhatwashappening #deepasapuddle 
  • See above and alleviate the #deepasapuddleitis you can have. Find meaning.
  • With this thought, leave the hashtags to others. You are annoying more than just yourself.  :)
  • Again, with this said, never give up your mad love for the emoticon. Some things are classic. Plonk!
It's a beginning. 


Ray Denzel said...

I have no doubt that if I was your doctor I would too!
Happy new year!!

T said...

I need to make a list too. I like yours.

Mostly the part about reading, writing, laughter and "letting it go," because I seriously wanna master 'ROLL WITH IT, BABY!' (I'm dancing in my head now to Steve Winwood)

Ms. A said...

LOVE the video! Someone is sure growing!

Deborah said...

Ray Ray - you are funny!

tPretty - I am entirely manifesting tolerance. Leaving my cranky behind. We'll see! ;)

Ms A - you are so sweet as always!