Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh oh!

Nearly forgot! Sheesh.

I just cleaned out my refrigerator and used up a bunch of vegetables before they went bad. For once! Made myself some damn good veggie soup; cabbage, carrots, celery, table onions. Simmered until soft, added some organic chicken bouillon. I just had a bowl. Mmmm nummy nummy nummy as Spud and I sing every day he's here.

Vegetables really are good. It's the prep that bugs me, yet just now when I was prepping and listening to the radio (local station The Current is celebrating its 10th year - wow!) I realized just how calming and rather enjoyable prepping veggies actually is.

Numm and yumm.

No photo, of course. Apologies for the repeat (or maybe not?), but Lorenzo has been known to wonder aloud, "Why does everyone feel the compulsion to share photos of their food?"

We just do! It is rather idiotic.

Instead, here's a photo of something lovely.
Because what is better than a baby eating an orange?


T said...

I think it's a blog trend, photographing food. Maybe it's for hard core food bloggers?

Who cares.

Your soup sounds yummmmmeeeee.

I love soup. I could eat it by the pot loads.

Cute baby ya got there, Gigi.

Ms. A said...

I make soup a lot when it's cold. Love it!

Little Spud is so adorable! His cute face is better than a photo of soup any day!

Deborah said...

tPretty - I do drool a bit when I see lovely food photographed! Makes me happy always!

Ms A - His little face makes my every day.