Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Are You Ever Done Decorating?

I have a popcorn ceilings with sparkly sprinkles in my house.

I have the mellow yellow hardwood floors with small planks. Old as hell. In a couple of our rooms we think the wood is either over 100 years old or nearly.

I have slatted blinds, some plastic, in every room nearly. Oy vey the dust.

I have rooms that have not been repainted since 2003 or so (I think).

I have newish rugs in the living room and dining room that I regret getting.

I have a loft bedroom that is not not not cute. Could be. Is not.

I have telephones you have to dial.

I have some furniture from Ikea.

I have a bathroom that can only be described as a mashup of the unpopular.

I have a set of antlers up in the Big Room from a deer I hit with a Jeep Wagoneer in the 90s. Just read on a decorating site how "tired" this look is. Sigh!!


I love to decorate. And I hate it. No, that's a lie. I love it.

This list is not a complaining list. It's just a list. I love my house. But after the holidays you can't help but look around and see a few things that could be changed, things that you will never change, and things that you can't wait to change.

I'm picking slowly!

Meanwhile, here is what I landed on for the new pendants in the kitchen. I'm now on the hunt for some type of different light bulbs. Regular bulbs cast a very harsh light since there is no translucent shade to buffer it. Ideas?
Cat on counter. Don't judge. Mess everywhere. Judge away!  :)


T said...

Oh, and you KNOW I'm loving your shiny new pendant lights.

Ms. A said...

Everything in my house is old and tired... including me. Even the mess is old and I don't have the energy to do anything about it.

T said...

Thing is, I'm constantly decorating and/or rearranging. Keeps it fresh and exciting and helps to keep my mood in check. My space can't just be functional. It has to speak to me. For me, atmosphere is EVERYTHING.

Can Pup install a dimmer for your pendants? That makes a huge difference. I keep the slider on my dimmer at the lowest position for my pendants unless I'm ready to do some heavy-duty task that requires as much light as possible. Just be sure to get "dimmable" bulbs.

Deborah said...

Ms A - girl . . . winter can suck the joy yes? But I don't believe all of your comment!

tPretty - Your spaces, from the glimpses I've seen on your blog, are so calming and wonderful. Atmosphere IS everything. I like the dimmer idea!