Sunday, January 25, 2015

Glensheen Mansion

I haven't toured this place since the 80s, but tPretty reminded me with a post on her blog of a morning room I saw all those years ago that has stuck with me all this time.

The Glensheen Mansion is the most beautiful place. Placed on the challenging shores of Lake Superior it is, in my mind, a little bit of Minnesota's Downton Abbey.

My wasband and I honeymooned in Duluth, Minnesota in 1981 and one of the things we did was tour the Glensheen Mansion. I can only say, gorgeous.

The story of how it was built and the details is fascinating by itself, but then add a mysterious murder and stories of greed, mental illness, and death makes it all the more intriguing.

Here are some photos I found on Flickr of the mansion.

But the thing I remember clearest of the mansion? The morning room.
Do click on this photo for a larger peek at this beyond gorgeous room.
The soft green tiles, the ferns, the views of Lake Superior, the stained glass windows. I wanted to sit right down and have some coffee and read the paper. Forever. Well, maybe at least for a Sunday morning.
That sink! Again, click on this. 
omg - even better shot - CLICK!
Now excuse me; I need to check out that Flickr account with all the photos. Let's go and tour this wonderful place!

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Ray Denzel said...

Nice pics!

Ms. A said...

I'd take coffee ANYWHERE (I miss my coffee) but it would be extra special in that morning room!

T said...

That IS a fabulous room. Such detail. And that it has views of the Lake, that's even better.

It's always about the light, the views, windows to our world. That's what we're always drawn to most, it seems.

When I walk into a room in search of the perfect chill spot, it's usually by a window.

Great photos.

Deborah said...

Ray Ray - isn't that place the loveliest?

Ms A - I'm so with you on that!

tPretty - you are spot on about that. My little Spud-Muffin is now tall enough to see out and that's what he loves doing! Too cold to hang outside. :(