Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lovin' Tater Tots

Half-hearted apologies for yesterdays video of Spud. I find all things Spud fascinating so it's hard to push the edit button. The good news is no one is forced to hit play. Gotta love that!

I do find that little Spud-Muffin the center of everything. When he wraps those little arms around my neck and clings to my waist with his strong little legs tears mostly always squirt out of my eyes. If that feeling could be packaged and marketed there would never be need for any type of depression medication. Who can feel sadness when someone that adorable, tiny, and dependent on you looks at you and loves you that way. I swoon.
Spud loves to vacuum. I'm kinda serious. Do you love the plaid jumpsuit?
No agenda today. Just lovin' on my little Tater, lovin' on my Pups, and lovin' that yesterday felt like Monday and it was actually Friday! Score!


Ms. A said...

No half-hearted apology needed... I wholeheartedly loved it!

T said...

I'm not getting your blog posts on my feed consistently, so I'll need to hunt the video down!

I kept wondering how he's beeen, knowing Christmas with your little guy had to be a blast. You are so blessed. He is the sweetest cutie. Love the plaid too.

Deborah said...

Ms A - I know how you feel about your grand babies - the best!

tPretty - do you Feedly? Mine isn't always consistent either. Damn internet! :)