Friday, January 16, 2015

Umm, Yeah!

I will own my American Idol addiction. It's been a strong force with me since its second season. So there!

I know, y'all are over it. You love The Voice or you don't watch TV. It's okay, there's room for me here and I still watch.

I love all of the judges, yes I do.
Ya . . .

But truthfully? I tune in to look at Jennifer Lopez.
She can WEAR fashion. Give it to me Ms. Lopez. Fearless as well. Makes missteps and has a rather Oh Well attitude. Love love love!

She's on my newsstand as well. Yes I bought this magazine yesterday!


T said...

Agreed. I'm more fixed on HER than anyone else in the show. SHE'S INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS/SEXY. Everything about her, inside and out.

Love that nude outfit she's wearing in that photo. LOVE.IT.

Ms. A said...

Oh my Lord, at least she has some meat on her bones. That one blonde model looks insanely unhealthy!