Sunday, January 18, 2015


. . . and today!

The day entirely got away from me yesterday. I must have thought I was on a work week schedule regarding posting. I have some weird version of a flu going around these parts; headache, FUZZY thinking, bowling ball head, ears hurt, a host of other fun things.


So . . .
  1. forgot where something was happening - nearly drove to where it wasn't
  2. we had tickets to something - forgot to go
  3. left the house yesterday morning - forgot my keys
  4. forgot to write
  5. I'd really like to forget all the rest of it!


T said...

Ah, no, don't say the F word
Can't be!
I say forget all of it.
Just shut down and get some sleep, feel better.

Ms. A said...

I'd be lost if I did make notes!

Ms. A said...

Make that, I'd be lost if I DIDN'T make notes!