Friday, January 9, 2015

American Gigolo



Bottega Veneta

Lauren Hutton

Richard Gere

I was up too early this morning and when I turned on the fireplace and television in the Big Room this movie was on. Swoon on the 80s decor and fashion. Not so swoon on the movie itself. I kinda watched it with the sound off.

But the visuals! Whooooo ha . . .


Ms. A said...

Been a LONG time since I've seen that one!

T said...

Good movie! Richard Gere -- crazy talented and handsome. He's been in some of my favorite movies...Officer and a Gentlemen, Hachi (sniff), Nights at Rodanthe, Unfaithful ...

PERFECT. I'm gonna get a list going of all his movies I HAVEN'T seen and settle in for a winter movie marathon.