Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love Alan Shore - should I be worried?
 I need a new woman to objectify.
~Alan Shore
Boston Legal


Tail-Kinker said...

Why wasn't James Spader on your Hot Men Friday?!?

The oversight is criminal, I tell you! ;c)

The Empress said...

I have your same sickness.

Heff said...

Off topic, "The Shat" is looking pretty ROUGH !

Laura said...

OMG, I love me some Alan Shore

J.J. said...

I heart Alan Shore!

Deborah said...

TK - You want Spader for a hot man? I'll put him in there with Benecio!

The Empress - He's just so naughty!

Heff - The Shatner is about 79. I still thought he was looking cute. But I'm crazy.

Laura - He is magically delicious.

J.J. - You too? Awesome!