Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I took Pup to the eye doctor. He hadn't been for about 10 years and we figured he might need me to drive him home after handsome Dr. H dilates his eyes. Which the good doc did.

So . . . I'm out in the waiting room, paging through my new Ikea catalog and I get a text message from Pup.

Pup: They checked the wrong eye. They gave me a patch for the brown eye.
Pup: I'm scared. Come rescue me.
Me: You are bad!!
Me: Tell Dr. H to PLUG your brown eye. You don't need it. :)
Pup: Biggus Dickus is waiting for you.
Me: Oh? Have I met him?
Me: You behave! Dr. H is a nice man.
Pup: I have to poop.
Me: The brown eye has spoken.

Yes, between the two of us, our real-age is about 24. That would be 12 times 2.

I can't lie, the man makes me laugh. He's as inappropriate as a garter-belt on a baseball pitcher (thank you Bull Durham).

The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self-awareness.
~Annie Savoy
Bull Durham


Marnie said...

Pup sounds like he would be the life of the party. My mind is still at 12...I nearly lost it (wasn't drinking coffee though) at I have to poop :0)))))))))

Karen said...

Sounds like a match made in Vegas!!..lol..

Seriously, if you make each other laugh, that's the main ingredient for success. I think you found a good recipe.

The Empress said...

I love that he makes you laugh like this... how sweet. Do you text each other a lot?

J.J. said...

My man made me laugh so hard one time that a friend visiting my mom told her (on the other side of the 1550 sq. ft. house, with my solid core door closed), "Damn, who's killing her?" ; )

Heff said...

Cellphones are of the Devil.


deb-oh-rah said...

Considering his food tastes are SO bland, he sure supplies spice to the daily stew.

And you seem to give as good as you get. You're both BAD -- in a good way. ;-)

Dutch donut girl said...

Couples who laugh together stay together.. or something like that.

Kelley said...

Ha! So glad you have someone that makes you laugh in your "real" life! It's so important, right? Also, I so agree with hating the big mirror in the free weight area! I wrote the "top 5 reasons for my gym anxiety" on LOL yesterday. Glad you could relate!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

your conversation was like looking through my own sexts.

T said...

Laughter is huge. I mean HUGE. A sense of humor is number one on my sexiest men list.

Your relationship is adorable. It's coveted.

You're blessed.


Anonymous said...

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