Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remodel Post - Part Two

While searching for and finding all these pictures (yes, my photo archive is as chaotic as my mind) the contrast between Pup's house before I moved in and after I moved in is startling.

He was very noncluttery. I moved in and the house exploded! The man had NOTHING in his basement. You should see it now. I have serious crap. And I have edited hugely in the past few years. It's a tad scary.

Love you baby! How do you stand it?
Enough guilt. Let's start with this phone-photo I took of our insane cat the other day when I was making a roast in Pup's Ron “Ronco” Popeil's Rotisserie. Pup loves this thing. And it works great I have to say. The kitchen stays cool while it's spinning away.

It made me laugh and laugh that Calvin was so fascinated and assuming that I was making HIM some supper. Ha!

Moving on . . .
kitchen before
kitchen during
kitchen after
We LOVE our kitchen. Not the appliances we picked out (LG - you suck and you know it.), but everything else about it.

I am ripping my hair out at the photos I am taking. My little, cheap, Canon was so much better than this Olympus pile.

And - the tangle of cords under the cabinets is now taken care of. Love you baby - again.


R. Jacob said...

Of course LG sucks, you should of asked me! Samsung is better. Lowe's knows!

Heff said...

LG sucks ???

Thanks for the notification, 'cause I'm currently in the market for a new 'fridge, myself !

T said...


I love remodel.

Your kitchen makeover looks fabulous, D. Very tasteful. We're in dire need of a kitchen redo, but it's on a very long wish list of other need-to-do's, and we have two kids in will be done in increments, and maybe not anytime soon.

But new carpet is on the way, at least.

You did good, woman.

Daisy said...

NICE kitchen!!!

Good to know LG sucks. I am wanting a new fridge.

Deborah said...

RJ - I am going Wolf and Sub-Zero soonly. We're living here forever. why not get appliances that will last?

Heff - Let me know what you guys pick out!

T - With two kids in college it's lucky you can afford internet. JK and I bet your kitchen is lovely right now.

Daisy - So awful. I can't begin to tell you how crappy.