Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot Men Friday

I developed a crush on this guy waaaaaay back in the early 90s when he was on the show Home Front. Then in the late 90s he was in the show Early Edition, which I confess to only catching in the middle of the night from time to time.

I know he's now on the show Friday Night Lights and I did watch it the first season, but haven't caught it since. Apparently I'm all about Bravo these days. Is that your judging face? ^..^

There was just something about his homegrown face that appealed to me. He looks like the cute coach that makes going to all your kid's games (whatever that game may be) a bit more fun. Oh come on! You know those games can get a little long and snore-inducing and looking at a handsome and fit coach can make the time pleasant. Just sayin'.

Why he popped into my head is a mystery as most things that pop into my head are.

It's Friday! Let's shake and bake! Let's get on the team to live the dream! Let's, let's - oh dang! I forget the last one! Heh!


Anonymous said...

Deb, he's so cute. Reminds me of Dave Nelson from old Ozzie and Harriet TV shows.


R. Jacob said...

gee, nice hair day in that first picture. I do like pie!

Heff said...

Now I know how women feel when they come around for my monthly Playboy post, lol !!

Marnie said...

You've been picking out some real hotties lately :0)

Dutch donut girl said...

Early Edition, that show brings back so much good memories.

Let's have a wicked weekend.

J.J. said...

He's kinda cute in a 'boy next door' kinda way.

"Let's shake and bake!"

It's been baking but I'd rather avoid the shaking, no offense! ; )

The Empress said...

You're allowed the smart woman's choice every once in a while.

You can't always be about the meat, right?

Yes. He is a nice guy. I heard an extensive interview with him on NPR and he lost his dad suddenly at age 13, and has been "kinda affected" by it. He really is lovable.

Jumped out of bed this morning and said, "ACK! i forgot about my Friday Hotness at Deborah's!"

Here I am.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Not many shows like Home Front anymore.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

kyle chandler is a total babe. i used to watch Early Edition all the time and i remember being pissssssed when they cancelled it. why do all the good shows get cancelled? like The New Adventures of Old Christine??? why gawd? why do you do this to me???

and instead, shit tv like America's Got Talent and The Bachelorette are hogging up all the primetimes.

i think i may have gotten sidetracked for a moment. i also think i could use a drink.

Deborah said...

Bonnie - Hi girl! Yes he really does!

RJ - what's wrong with his hair? Don't be jealous of his thick hair that makes a helmet on occasion. :)

Heff - Just know that you are on a hot men list somewhere.

Marnie - I really have a serious crush on this guy.

DDG - That show was stupid and fun yes?

J.J. - No shakin', I promise.

The Empress - NPR! I am a listener on occasion as well. Even though SNL did that horrible (funny!!) spoof years ago. The Fresh Air woman really sounds crazy, yet I listen to her.

Ms A - I really watched that one every week. Loved it.

Lucky Gun - I know! CRAP on to watch unless you have cable. Yes to the drink. Let's have a Pimm's Cup! I finally have a recipe.