Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bettie Page

 I have an obsession with Bettie Page.

It started, maybe, 10 years ago or so for me. I'm not real certain where I first heard of her, although I think all of us have "heard" of her whether we know it or not. She has influenced all of us that much. Maybe not directly, but in ways you are not aware of.

She was adorable. The definition of naughty and nice. Schoolgirl charm, open fresh face, killer body, spankings given with a huge smile. Seriously photogenic. It's hard to find a bad picture of her.

I've read many articles about her and she didn't have a great childhood. Allegations that her father abused her, her parents divorcing, and she and a sister living in an orphanage for a time.

She graduated from college and worked as a secretary. Started modeling after being approached by a photographer.

She has said that her relationship with the camera was simple. She always imagined that it was her boyfriend and she was posing for him.

I love this little video of Bettie putting on stockings. Talk about shoes that are not meant to walk in!

She made wearing stockings and heels look like everyone should do it. Simple and sexy.

She modeled for only seven years. She has said that she quit at that time because she felt she was getting too old. I think she was 34.

Women should always have a dash of Bettie Page in their closet. Just a little vixen in the mixin'.

I love her.

All images stolen from a book I read daily - The Internet


R. Jacob said...

Interesting subject and pictures. The other videos are also interesting. Now I understand the naughty blogger award! So when are you visiting Florida? Ha ha

Sandra said...

She is very pretty! No! Beautiful! And the waist on I feel like a hippo...

Marnie said...

I agree, it's hard to find a bad picture of her. I liked the fact she chose when she would leave the spot light. That in itself added to the facination with all things Bettie :0) I personally think 34 was too young, but that was her decsion. Some current day celebrities should take a hint.

Great post!

deb-oh-rah said...

Those shoes were not made for walking!! But she was gorgeous!

Deborah said...

RJ - I'm not Bettie Page, she is!

Sandra - Amazing yes? So cute.

Marnie - Too true. I just can't imagine how powerful the drug fame is.

deb - I do believe Amy Winehouse wrote a song about shoes like these. Hehehe!