Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remodel Post - Part One

I moved into Pup's house in November of 2008 after a whirlwind of a remodel.

We both owned houses and had thought that we'd sell them and buy a new house and we could start our new life together.

But the market fell to crap and after a brief foray into becoming landlords (that was scary scary scary) we decided to rent my house to my daughter and her husband and I'd move into Pup's house, but we'd have to do some remodeling.

We did it so fast it made our heads spin. We wanted to get it done before the Minnesota winter hit with a vengeance.

We decided to do the office (we had to squeeze me in there), the bathroom, the kitchen, and enclose the loft for sound.

loft before

loft after
 Not that much was really done in the loft. It probably will change substantially in the next year or so when we do the man-den and, finally, a deck off the loft. I may do a little something up there. You know how it is!

Pup's recliner - or part of them
Don't let him fool you - these are in our bedroom (loft) and he can visit them any time he wants. He does like to sit there and supervise any chores that are going on in the bedroom. He's bossy that way. Ha! Pay no attention to the cat box. There is a long, painful story about that. I will not share. 

loft enclosure
 You would not believe how I had to fight with the contractor to put in the windows and the glass door. He thought they wouldn't give us any privacy. Light comes in from the loft to the living space below. And we can open the windows for airflow. I love how it turned out!

view from loft

nook at top of stairs

Photo disclaimer
Major trouble with crappy camera


Marnie said...

This is beautiful! I really like how you designed this. You could put this in a magazine.

Heff said...

Nice digs.

After I finished my damned exterior windows, you'll be seeing some interior stuff Heff will be starting.

R. Jacob said...

Lots of room for wrestling now

deb-oh-rah said...

With Pup's construction skills and Deborah's retro/mid-century styling (which Pup doubts at times -- there's a lamp he's still not sure of) it turned out great!!! Classy but still homey feeling.

Actually, Deborah and I were on one of our all things used/recycled/salvage/vintage shopping extravaganzas when she bought that painting that's above the stairs -- I couldn't believe she was serious. But after I saw it hanging on the wall, I think it looks great. Kudos!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Love your house! After my parents divorced, we moved into this house, which only needed the ancient kitchen remodeled. It's a good thing nothing else needed improvement because THAT was a nightmare! lol!

Linnea said...

Looking nice Sis. When is the sleep over? ha ha

Daisy said...

REALLY NICE!!!! I love the windows and door enclosing the loft.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

great call on the windows/ french doors.

ps: you and i would make the best interior design baby.

Deborah said...

Marnie - what a sweet thing to say. Our house is small, but cute.

Heff - the projects never end yes? Grr and arg.

RJ - ?

deb - I remember that! You and Pup thought I was crazy. He likes it now. He's still very unsure about that damn light fixture in the dining room.

J.J. - kitchen remodeling is hard!

Linnea - come on over!

Daisy - thank you!

Lucky Gun - It really would be a BLAST!