Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Lots and lots of storms the past few days. 70 dew points and temps in the 90s. It's green as hell out there. Lush lush lush.

And my tomatoes are having a grand ol' time. Can't say much for the rest of my experimental garden. I harvested one pepper, but now one of those two pepper plants have died. No flowers please.

But I'm enjoying the tomatoes!


I watched this movie last weekend.

I was not worldly wise at all when I was a young 'un. The darker music of that day scared me a bit and I mostly retreated to my safe Beatles. Who knew they were complicated? Hey, I had to convince my dad every day it was okay to listen to even them! He was certain they were bringing down civilization as we knew it. Seriously. Imagine Mad Men here for a minute and I'm Don Draper's little girl. Only my dad wasn't in advertising.

In that respect I was a late bloomer and didn't discover music for real until I was an older teen and into my 20s.

So, when these guys tumbled into my lap at a party I was obsessed for, well, ever since.

The voice was not like the light, girlie voices we were used to hearing. He sounded older, bad, scary. He performed crazy - no, not the purported willie-waving antics (never happened btw), but the way he fell about with no self-thought. Fueled with alcohol and drugs.

All Images Stolen from Google

And he sank deeper and deeper into that self-aware/selfish/unaware part of himself until there was nothing left. Way before he died.

This much is true: You can't burn out if you're not on fire.
~Jim Morrison


Karen said...

Val Kilmer did an Awesome rendition of him...

R. Jacob said...

He grew up wanting to be like Elvis, then Frank Sinatra. A big influence on all of us.. Yes, he did fall into a drunken stupor at the end. Speaking of it, The End is his deepest darkest song. Good Post.

Joann Mannix said...

Look at him. He was such a beautiful man.

I think he was the victim of his times, mixed with the carelessness of a young man who finds himself the center of a culture's adulation and all of that was just toxic. So sad. So sad all of the brilliant artists we lost to that era.

Marnie said...

What a shame he left this world at such a young age. Just a shame.

Heff said...

I have NO RESPECT for that dude whatsoever. Had the world in his hand, and PISSED it away.

Anonymous said...

Jim Morrison was a handsome dude from my generation but what a mess he was.


The Empress said...

ACK! You do it every Friday to me. How do you know??

Oh, yeah, oozing it.

Just out of every pore.

You hit it right,

Now, I will sit and wait cuz I know it'll be worth it..

Benecio < please? The BDT.


T said...

Wasn't a fan of this "hot man" nor his music.

I'm still dwelling on last week's hot man.


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

oooooooh yes.....

sexy fucking beast.

Graham said...

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J.J. said...

I heart Jim Morrison! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Doors!!! 'People Are Strange' gives me the chills!

It's too bad that (most of) the great artists die WAY too early.

Deborah said...

Karen - I saw that movie! I liked it. VK looked so much like him.

RJ - that's what the movie mentioned. I never knew that (about Elvis and Frank)

Joann - It feels like no one knew how to handle all the immediacy of what was happening to them. Some of them anyway. Add the drugs and drinking and - bam - gone in a minute.

Marnie - it is sad

Heff - yep, dying by choking on your own vomit isn't very smart.

Di - the hottest mess

The Empress - he was fun to look at I do say.

T - he wasn't for everyone, that's for sure.

Lucky Gun - Yes!

Graham - I will check that out.

J.J. - waaaaay too early.