Saturday, August 7, 2010


I found this picture of me on Pup's phone earlier this week.

I don't look through Pup's stuff - never, ever actually - but we were somewhere and my phone wasn't available and I wanted to take a photo and used his and found several photos he had taken over the past couple of months. He doesn't use his camera phone nearly as much as his last phone that would take pictures in his pants every time he sat down, but that's a story better left untold.


I hate pictures of me. Maybe you do too? I always say I'm waaaaay cuter in person. Ha! Seriously, my daughters have even said the same. "Momma! Don't make that face when posing! Pose like this (imagine cute girl mugging for camera with cute face looking perfect and cute - then imagine the opposite - that's me) Momma! It's easy!

I just don't take a good photo!

But I liked this one for good reason.

It's a little moody and I'm a little moody and it's dark and I'm feeling dark.

Are you a good subject in photos? Does the camera love your cute face?


Marnie said...

I had to laugh when you said your husbands phone whould take a picture whenever he sat down. My husband's butt always manages to dial the house when he does the same :0)

Pictures...for me it depends on how is taking the photo. I always turn out nicely when my 5 year-old take them.

R. Jacob said...

you are babe material and you know it!

T said...

Well, I've only see a couple pics of you, but of those I've seen, I have to disagree....BEAUTIFUL is what I see.

As for taking a good pic, I believe CANDID is the best way to be photographed. Candid is who we really are, real, no pretence, just living it.

Posed always comes out, well...posed.

Heff said...

I can't see you. Perhaps my monitor is set too dark...

Joann Mannix said...

Are we the same person? Seriously. I had this talk with my teenage daughter this weekend. Since she loves the camera and can pose the minute she sees a camera in her vicinity. She was giving me tips on my too wrong pose, my too wrong smile.

I told my husband a few months ago, he had better start taking better pictures of me or there will be trouble. He waits for me to be standing there with my mouth open or my eyes closed and then he snaps. I told him the generations to come will think I was the most unfortunate looking person on the planet.

Deborah said...

Marnie - butt dialing! I did that just the other day to my former boss, not good!

RJ - you are so crazy!

T - what about the times when you HAVE to pose? Those are the shots I dread the most!

Heff - oh dear! You bust my chops every day!

Joann - girl, you get what I am saying!

J.J. said...

The way I look at it, if someone wants to take my picture, that's their problem. : P I've only shown cute(?) pictures of myself on my blog because, well, it's MY blog! Why would I post a crappy one???

I have very few pics of my man and I because he thinks he doesn't photograph well...and he's right! His daughter says, "He looks MUCH better in person." I'd have to agree. Sorry, honey! lol!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i love that photo of you. i like that it's kinda shadowy and it that eventhough you can tell it's a woman, it could be any woman.

my camera is tricky. sometimes it takes great pix where i think to myself "yes! i THOUGHT i was looking cute today!"
and then there are other times when i'm like "holy shit. is that even me...?" and take 5000 more shots hoping to find a salvageable one from the bunch.

Deborah said...

J.J. - Of course! It's your party; it's your ball and all that. I totally agree.

Lucky Gun - You get it too! Sometimes that's how we feel yes? Like any woman; like no other woman.

I'm guessing you have a very expressive face. I do think a face like that is harder to photograph.