Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Can't All Be Leaders

I stumbled on this a few weeks ago. It's fascinating!

When you find a great idea/person/concept jump on in!

On the other hand, just because people are jumping on a bandwagon is no reason to jump yourself.

Left and right. Black and white. Up and down.

Think for yourself and all that.

What do you guys think?


Marnie said...

I love this Deborah! This makes a lot of sense. If the first guy didn't follow, the shirtless guy would have remained a I think that there is truth in this. Just look at the history books.

Great post!

Danielle said...

I've seen this on Derek Sivers site. His story is pretty awesome. Founded as a favor to friends, made millions, sold it and put the money in trust to fund music education programs.

Ca88andra said...

I guess its all a matter of picking and choosing the ideas/person you follow and the concepts you entertain. I hope I wouldn't be one to follow a person simply for their charisma without looking into where they want to lead me!

Karen said...

Love this.. more for the simple joy and spontaniety these people were willing to let loose and enjoy together.

Heff said...


Dutch donut girl said...

Hey, Heff, I like cake too!

I personally don't believe that any person can be clearly defined as leader or follower. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow, sometimes we do nothing, sometimes we're the only one doing something. No-one does one of these four to the exclusion of the others.

R. Jacob said...

This one is tough to answer. Leaders don't always choose to lead. It sometimes is thrust upon them. Much effort is used to lead. To be a follower, certain conditions must apply. State of mind, mental status, strengths and weaknesses, swept up with others, peer pressure, does it make you feel good? Circumstances lead to one or another. Sometimes it leads to a cult or a nation off to war. Sometimes it leads to dancing silly!

deb-oh-rah said...

The Deborahs were known as two dancing fools. Danced our hearts out. Still can't keep the feet quiet when there's a pulsating beat.

Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance. ~Mr. Miyagi, The Next Karate Kid, 1994

Maybe a person who is able to be in the moment, let go, not care if you look good, if others are watching, just let the music take you -- is a person who has the confidence, courage to stand alone when necessary.

Or maybe just had a few. ;-0

Deborah said...

Marnie - My favorite is the third guy. Now that guy saw a good thing! lol

Danielle - I'll check that out! I didn't know where it came from. It was posted on another blog I read.

Ca88 - that's the danger yes? Blindly going and not looking.

Karen - I saw a guy just yesterday at the farmer's market doing this same thing - he was scatting with a street musician. Totally random and unexpected. Loved it.

Heff and DDG - I want what the two of you are drinking. But everyone knows pie is the best.

DDG - Is that what the video was saying? I didn't think so. I'll have to re-evaluate.

I thought it was pointing out the value in being a follower. How it is overlooked and emphasis always put on the leader.

RJ - Is dancing ever really silly? :)

Deb - Maybe you are drinking now? lol!