Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did I Wake You?

It's early, I've been up for a while already and it's still early. The insomnia has kicked into overdrive the past few weeks. It leaves me headachy, fuzzy, and even more forgetful. Poopy shitty!

I secretly love the house when it's this early though. I love padding around with no lights on, although with the electronic equipment Pup has all over you'd never need a light. LED spots dot the living room and the office is nearly lit up like Target Field on game night.

But being up this early is weirdly comforting. The neighborhood is quiet, mostly it's dark out there, no one driving on the street, no kids rollicking, no adults cheesing it up in their front yards.

George (dog) is snoring away on the office floor, Calvin (cat) is stalking something out in the living room (I'm scared to find out what it is), and Pup is snoring away up in the loft.

I'm awake. Surprise!

I can't blame our neighbors this time either.

We have neighbors whose backyard butts up against our backyard. Pup put up a big privacy fence when George and I moved in so George could run around back there and I could let him out of the door in the morning without having to watch him like the lazy bitch I am. :)

Our backyard neighbors, while seemingly very very nice, have two lights on the back of their house that are bright enough to weed your garden to. In my yard I mean. I can see every blade of grass on my lawn when that light is on. It lights up the back of our house as well. Our bed is up against that side of the house in the loft and when they throw the switch for those lights our bedroom is lit up as well. Wakes me every time. Pup sleeps awesomely and it doesn't wake him - ever. I'm so envious!

A few weeks ago Pup and I went to a birthday party where I may have had a few shots along with my Margaritas.

When we got home our backyard looked like it was having a party without us. It was the neighbor's light.

I set my bag down, cupped my hands to my mouth, and sweetly said in my soft little voice, "Hey! Come on! How many planes do you think you'll be landing tonight?"

A few seconds later, BLINK, their lights go out. We stare at each other in amazement and then fall out laughing.


Karen said...

LOL... that's hysterical. Great one liner!... and that totally sucks that they don't realize what their lights are doing to your backyard/house!

BY the way, I sympathize with you and the sleep deprivation.. ditto.

Anonymous said...

Haaaa...maybe your soft little voice isnt as soft as you think...especially with those shots you "may" have had...."May Have"..?..hey your new blog looks terrific...Have a great day..!..oh and this is my new space...

Heff said...

When you're up THAT EARLY, go outside with a ladder and adjust their flood lights to hit THEIR property.

...That, or break out a B.B.Gun.

Marnie said...

I've been having some sleepless nights too. Kind of feel medicated the next day. Thank God for coffee :0)

Lo Lo said...

This is the type of stuff that used to make me cringe as a child... now I think it's necessary!! :)

deb-oh-rah said...

There are many nights when I am tired and yawning about 7-8pm and then by 10pm I'm wide awake. That is so frustrating. Then it's the boob-tube -- Chelsea, Dave, Joy, etc. far into the night.

A previous neighbor of ours was told to adjust or get rid of his yard light. Not sure if the complainant went to the cops or city council -- or maybe he just complained in person. But the light was re-aimed. No guns involved. :-)

T said...


I love it. Assert thyself. Attagirl.

(BTW, I love mornings. The world all to myself.)


Dutch donut girl said...

Poopy shitty.
That's so cute.

But insomnia sucks. Like right now it is past midnight and I very well should be in bed, but I can't sleep. Ugh...

Enjoy your morning sans your neighbor's light.

J.J. said...

Hey, if you want something you've got to speak up. : P

And I don't go to bed til 3-3:30 am. I like the quiet too, although the traffic picks up around 2 am because all the bars are closing.

R. Jacob said...

If I fall asleep, taking a nap,early evening, I know that when I do go to bed, I will wake up unable to go back to sleep and I am in for a long day, a tiring day.

Deborah said...

Karen - You too? It sucks!

smartee - thank you!

Heff - I really have considered it. I used to be a pretty good skeet shooter.

Marnie - coffee!

Lo Lo - You are so darling.

deb - I've considered making a complaint, but you really hate to enemy up your neighbors right?

T - mornings are the very best. I love being all alone in them.

DDG - so many peeps have it! And all I read about is GET SLEEP GET SLEEP. How??

J.J. - you really are a night owl!

RJ - Yeah, naps aren't good. I'm not a good napper.