Saturday, January 9, 2010

You're Gonna Do Wha?

I had my first acupuncture appointment yesterday.

I have an ongoing knee problem. Ripped my meniscus somehow after or during a fall while walking my doggy. Had knee surgery. Still have a knee problem. How frustrazione! Grr and arg.

So, on advice from dear sis and BIL I went yesterday. I do not understand acupuncture. The darling acupuncturist was qi this and energy that and release objective. I'm game! Come on and release me! Bring it on!

Here's the most interesting thing, after going over a list of symptoms she asked me to provide, she, in a minute mind you, came up with several ideas for other things that ail me. WTH? I find that seriously amazing. I've whined to a few docs in the past few months about a couple of these things and mostly got the I-listening-but-not-really face. You know that face. The oh-god-she-looks-crap-up-on-the-internet face.

This woman did NOT have that face. She said I was ahead of the game because she didn't have to break through my conventional-wisdom BS barrier. Spiff!

She put little needles (I know! I didn't look!) in my hands, in both my knees, in my ankles, in my feet. She centered a heat lamp on my sad knee, put on some crazy, relaxing music, and left me for 20 minutes.

At first I was concentrating on the weird sensations coming out of the points of entry. A few felt itchy, a few felt heavy, a few felt like they were radiating . . . something. Then I fell into the rhythm of relaxing. Fell into the sensations coming from the points. Loved it.

She gave me a sheet of foods to avoid. She stressed she does not like to say do this and not that because then it becomes a "diet" and, as we all know, those nearly always fail.

Do I look centered?


Blasé said...

..just scratch my "jumpin' jacks" request thingy.

XO (x 100)

Anonymous said...


My brother is studying Oriental Medicine and learning about accupuncture and energy, etc. You would be amazed at the holistic healing options that actually work - rather than simply make the Pharma companies rich.

Deborah said...

Oh Anonymous - one thing I do NOT want to do is make pharmaceutical companies rich! I do not have love for those dirty rotten bastardos.

crazy cat lady chris said...

Acupuncture is suppose to work but one has to have the ability to chill out for 20 minutes which is something I am still trying to learn!! I am trying it for a bad back. Cross our fingers doll & hopefully we will be pain free!!!