Saturday, January 9, 2010

Over and Over and Over

My family and I were discussing our favorite movies and the movies we could watch over and over. Everyone has one. Pulp Fiction might be at the top of the list for me. This being one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Also, how hot was Bruce Willis in this movie? An arse like a round, hard apple . . . oh! I think I went to my happy place for a minute. Apologies . . .

A few others thrown around that day were, The Usual Suspects, Caddyshack, Gone with the Wind, Goodfellas, Thomas Crown Affair.

What is yours?


Blasé said...

Seen it a few times, too.

My favorite scene was when Bruce had to do 'Oral'...first. I'm all about sex scenes, but I prefer sex over scenes...

Deborah said...

Of course you do.


One trick pony my friend.

Tail-Kinker said...

You forgot the Breakfast Club! Or maybe that's just mine! Also:
It's a Beautiful Life (La Vita es Bella)
The Outsiders (SO many big names before they were huge)
Equilibrium (Christian Bale, Matrix meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 'nuff said)
Volcano (cuz I love Tommy Lee's craggy face & disaster movies)
The Fifth Element (Bruce Willis, see apple-related line above, and Milla Jovovich is SO hot in this movie)

Niki said...

The first one that came to my head was, Grease...a camp classic!