Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who Says I'm Not Cool?

This is what happens when we stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. We fall asleep during the last half hour and wake up right in the middle of a BRILLIANT infomercial about 80s music.

REO Speedwagon
Pat Benatar
The Cars
The Pretenders

We hopped right on our 'puters and ordered us up some ballads. I've had them a week now and my vocal chords are RASPY from all the bellowing going on around here. I even called my darling Sarah Bella to play Sara by Starship to her over the phone.

She said, "Momma, you're such a nerd." but I could hear her giggling.

I've often said that the 80s passed me by in a blur. I was a young mom, in the middle of the busy years of bedtime stories, baths, lunches, hair combing, laundry, cuddles, cleaning, playing Barbie with "the voice."

But somehow the music was still a part of my life as it had always been.

One time my Sarah Bella had some little friends over. I think she was six or seven? I got them set up to play and made my exit, moving into the kitchen to do whatever it was that consumed my days then. I had the radio on and I was singing away and dancing in the kitchen. All the kidlets ran into the kitchen to sing and dance away with me. I thought, "cool! I can be a fun mom"!

The next day Sarah begged me to never, ever sing and dance in front of her friends again. Ha! She was MORTIFIED! Just goes to show you how delusional we all can be.

I remember another time when my youngest was, maybe, 15. My wasband and I were having a New Year's Eve party and we were part way into the party. Enough into it that my best bud, Reechie, and I were on our way to delusional.

She and I were dancing away in the family room in front of a large sliding glass door. We thought we were lovely visions of coolness. Hard rockin' momma's with style and endless moves.

We did not know that Lorenzo and her band of miscreants were outside of the door laughing their little arses off at our "cool moves."

So it goes.

Who cares right? If WE think we have moves, then by all that is right, we DO have cool moves.

I know in reality I look like Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, but in my mind's eye I am hot and sexy, moving like a rock-goddess.

Rock on little mommas and papas!


Dutch donut girl said...

Foreigner?! Guess what I was listening to while cleaning the house?
'That was yesterday' is one of my all time favorite song of them. And 'Say you will', 'Lowdown and dirty', 'Blue morning, blue day'. I could go on... but I won't.

"The next day Sarah begged me to never, ever sing and dance in front of her friends again."
LOL! :)

Blasé said...

Who cares what others think! Just keep shakin' your bootay like there is no tomorrow. Of course, posting it on video in your underwear would make my year!

Ms. Anthropy said...

Ahhhh, the 80's music! My favorite era, even if I am old. This brings back such good memories of my children, when we practically lived at the skating rink, me as a coach, them as competitive skaters and endless hours of sessions, for fun!

Danielle said...

Aha Foreigner...the audition song for the 6th grade spring concert was "I Wanna Know What Love is." I didn't get that neighbor did...teacher said my voice was too "churchy" umm didn't that song have a choir in it.

Tail-Kinker said...

I love you because you're the only person who would call just to play that Starship song :)