Monday, January 25, 2010

They Said It Best Themselves

The Vikings' Super Bowl dream comes to a sloppy end as they fumble and stumble their way to an overtime loss in New Orleans
Rick Alonzo
Pioneer Press, St. Paul, MN
The Saints had taken a 28-21 lead after Percy Harvin fumbled in the fourth quarter. The home team converted that turnover into a Reggie Bush touchdown when a replay challenge showed the ball crossed the plane of the goal line with 12:39 left.
What could make Favre's retirement decision more difficult is that the Vikings are loaded with young talent and had a league-high 10 Pro Bowlers this year. Receivers Harvin and Rice blossomed this year under Favre. And Peterson will be going into just his fourth year, no doubt with one of his offseason goals focused on trying to fix his turnover problems.
As Childress pointed out, no playoff team that won the turnover margin has lost a playoff game this year.
"It's going to be a pill each person is going to have swallow at their own pace," Harvin said of the turnovers. "Even with the penalties, we were still in position to win the game. Even with all the fumbles, we still had a chance to win, which says a lot about this team. But at the same time, we didn't get the job done."
Harvin said the players tried to do too much.
"It was a big game, and everybody wanted to be that guy to make that explosive play," Harvin said.

I guess it's hard when ginormous, purple egos get in the way.
Oh well, Nascar starts soon.


Blasé said...

Do they turn right, or left??

R. Jacob said...

Big games require small mistakes. Have to admire Farve, they beat him up all day, and he still walked off the field. He was literally covered in black and blue and purple.

Deborah said...

It's true. They beat him bloody and still he went out there.

I am happy for the year. Just hard to see it end with so many torpezas.

"I get so emotional baby"!