Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Closet Palette

I've been teased about this by my daughters. You look in my closet and all you see is black, gray, white, and about a million shades of beige. It sounds dreary, but sorpresa!, it isn't. It's what I gravitate to, it's my comfort-hunger. It doesn't feel boring to me. I could be delusional. (Don't you roll your eyes at me missy! Or mister.)
I will refrain from using that PHRASE, (pop of color-arg) but I do like to use my color in different places. The belt. The handbag. The scarf. The jewelry. The shoes.
I just don't like colors ON me. Maybe because I grew up wearing red each and every day of my life because my redheaded momma could not wear red (she thought anyway) so she dressed her dark-haired daughter in red ALL THE TIME.

I still adore red. I do look good in red. I'd just rather carry it on my arm, wear it as a coat, tie it around my neck.

White - I love love love white. T's, puffy jackets, jeans, wool coats, scarves, sandles, handbags, gloves, button downs, sweaters.

Who doesn't love black? The ubiquitous LBD - I mean, come on, how many do you own? I bought two just yesterday (clearance rack! love love love). Black turtlenecks (sexy), black pencil skirts, black leggings, black shoes, black pants, black black black. I'm a graphic designer and I remember once had a talky-chat with a vendor and he said, "So tell me Deborah - just how much black is in your wardrobe?" We both fell out laughing because it is just so true. Designers LOVE black. Go figure.

Gray. Ohhhh my love. So sexy in a T. What is the best color for a sweatshirt? Sweaters sweaters. Dresses! Oooooh gray dresses. Shoes. I have loved gray my whole life. One of my newest fav handbags is gray (thank you San Francisco). Gloves! Mmmmm the gray love.

Beige. Don't jump to conclusions. There are billions of shades. Stone, cream, caramel, winter white, khaki. Millions more I can't think of. I love it paired with white. Handbags in beige! Mmmmm so buttery.

What is your palette?


Blasé said...

Black Burgundy Taupe Cream Candles Blueberries KY Ice Lace Perfume...on 'her'

Anonymous said...

i love this post! to be so enthusiastic about neutrals, it makes me feel more accepting about the fact that probably half my closet is black... but i do agree about colorful shoes and accessories!

Tail-Kinker said...

Is this color-neutral preference genetic? 'Cause DD1 has an awful lot of gray in the closet too...!