Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Jackie Warner

She is the woman that can make straight girls turn around.


R. Jacob said...

A fit woman is very sexy!

Blasé said...

ok, I'm confused??

I thought this was "hot men friday"!?? Did you run out of men already?

I'm not sure what is attractive about her. Deborah, you've got more sex appeal in your hand that is caressing your hair...than this woman has from top to bottom. Just sayin'

Deborah said...

It might be a misnomer to have Jackie Warner, but I'm telling you, girls think Jackie is hot. Boys might not think she is, but girls surely do.

Make sense?

Blasé said...

No it doesn't. But I'm willing to listen to an explanation why girls think she is hot. I'm always discovering something new on the Blogosphere!

Why do I get this feeling that girls probably think Kate Gosselin is hot, too??

Deborah said...

Kate Gosselin = train wreck. We cannot take our eyes off of her (although I'm pretty good at it) because we're incredulous.

Jackie Warner = a lesbian with the perfect balance of attractive woman and a tough kick-your-ass woman. Hot in some women's minds. Not all, but some. I find her muy caliente.