Thursday, January 28, 2010

If I Knew How to Get There, I Wouldn't Have to Ask

I am an introverted extrovert.

I never sit in the front, I hate going into a party alone, "networking" at an event gives me reason to drink. When I first began dating Pup and had to find him at a golf event and meet his gang of peeps I had what can only be described as a panic attack while getting ready.

Yet, I'm the first one on the dance floor, I sing Karaoke, I can speak in front of a crowd, and I draw attention to myself purposely with what I have always called my "social tourettes."

Example: I worked in a corporate job for many years as a graphic designer/print buyer for a human resource company (talk about a square peg!). Riding in the elevator I would always have these thoughts that would pop into my mind that I didn't always resist. Like the time I couldn't stop myself from turning to face the people behind me in the elevator, or the time I asked in an elevator, "Anyone smell that?" These things that pop into my head are irresistible! Can't you hear them?

In class last night there was a woman who was asking questions, a part of basic accounting that she couldn't get. It was a good question and the instructor was having a hard time explaining it to her. He couldn't get her to see it.

So he came up with a brilliant idea. A quiz for next week on her question.

My mouth opens - don't do it! my mind hollers - but I ignore.

"Somebody kill her," I say.

Twitters from my fellow not-too-far-in-the-back dwellers.



Pearl said...

A perfectly reasonable statement.



Danielle said... just said what everyone was thinking.

R. Jacob said...

cuteness and funny in one blog! a recipe for success...

Dutch donut girl said...

I understand completely because I'm an introverted extrovert too, which can confuse people. Freaky how much this post reminds me of me :)

deb-oh-rah said...

I have been witness to some of Deb's "social tourette" moments and I marvel at them. Often wished that I could think that fast and get it out of my mouth before the moment passes. Not that bright. :-(
A while back when a test outed me as an introvert, people couldn't believe it -- I performed in plays, organized seminars, President of a couple of orgs, spoke before groups, etc. I told them that I am not an extrovert but had just been playing one.