Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Sunday in the Jungle!

Poor Pup. He is a CPA and from the middle of January until April 15th he is one very busy Puppers working seven days a week, 14-17 hours per day. I am not fibbing.

So I have to find things to entertain myself for for these months. I've started school, I planned a girl-trip to Vegas (yay!), I have lots of projects to keep me busy, movies with girlfriends, shopping with my kidlets. I really don't need much entertaining - not really. Ha!

Today I'm cleaning away out in the other part of the house - away from Pup and his inner workings when
this one

and this one

decide they are bored with me working away and go in to drive poor Pup INSANE with antics.

He kicks their furry little behinds out after hearing me holler at George for frolicking with Calvin while ripping up one of Pup's candy wrappers. It's chaos on a stick.

This is how I found the two furballs. Sad, rejected, and ejected.

Now I'm in the inner sanctum with Pup and the two troublemakers are in their respective beds snoring away.

Life in the jungle is fun. You should join me sometime.