Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gym Dandy to the Rescue

So, I've been going to the club on a REGULAR basis for three weeks now. The resolutioners I spoke of are out in lovely abundance. I love each of their chubby butts. Including mine.

I am puzzled a bit though dear readers (you're out there I know it!) - the peeps that are on the stationary bikes, what are they doing exactly? Already I've noticed a select group of the same people on the bikes that are reading the paper. Can you really work hard and read the paper? I know I'm in the gender that can multitask, but reading the paper and sweating just does not seem to go hand in sweaty hand.

But there they sit, reading away. Dudes and Dudettes! Just buy a stationary bike and park it in front of your TV if that's what you want to do.

Already I'm all self-righteous aren't I? I have resolutioners fever.

For me - I'm an elliptical girl. I used to hate that damn machine and ran faithfully to the treadmill. But my ortho guy said elliptical and now I'm getting a bit obsessed about it. Quell surprise! Ha!

So I have my earbuds in, listening to the Rod Stewart that was in The Faces, looking around at my fellow rats.

  1. A few men who suffer from 70s-itis. No lie. Could those shorts be any shorter??
  2. Why all the "skullets"?
  3. Fellow chubs wearing sweatshirts. Again, Dude!, you'll be sweating here. You're not fooling anyone
  4. All young uns are cute
  5. Trainers like me. Because I'm a challenge? My elliptical wit? My bright, shining face that is becoming a regular?
  6. Lots of machine-jumpers

Love it!


Danielle said...

I'm confused by the readers too. If you were riding a real bike that slow you'd be on the ground. And in my gym, we have people who run the treadmill and read...maybe I'm just super clumsy because I would be on the ground if I did that.

Sweatshirts? Its too hot for all that.

Tail-Kinker said...

Heh heh you said DUDE! I'm gonna hold that one against you next time I say it in front of you

Blasé said...

I think you should post a video of yourself doing jump'n your underwear!

TryN2FitN said...

Lady, I love to post on a recumbant bike and read a Glamour Mag, it's my recovery day for my legs, so don't hate, lol. I smile and nod 2 all the lovely Daisies that look at me thinking, "the Hellz she doing" then I flex my lovely muscles on their arses.

Deborah said...

Well, Little Tich, none of the peeps I'm gazing at look like you I'm here to tell you. Siesly!

TryN2FitN said...

Smiling at u, y do I luvs yo arse so much, u suck.