Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weird Obsessions?

Yes, my name is Deborah and I love Sock Monkees.

I love how they make both the butt and lips from the sock heel! How clever is that hmm?

Look at this darling little lavender one. The old, sad looking one is Burt. I bought him at a church bazaar (yes it WAS bizarre) back in the mid 70s. He is very tired.

I don't know why I'm posting about my love for the sock monkee. (I think I'm tired and wacky from studying.)

Let's talk about weird loves (obsessions).
  • sock monkees
  • luggage - love luggage! Train cases are a current passion. And I've never even traveled on a train
  • dishes - I've spoken about it here. I have a very hard time passing up on brilliant dish sets. A current craving is for an old set of white cafe dishes. You know the ones. Very thick. Very nummy white
  • handbags. Oh dear, I'll have to show all of mine sometime. It's a tad embarrassing though. I have an awesome collection of vintage bags as well
  • daisies - I love them. My office is strewn with stuff with daisies painted or drawn or etched. My only tat is of a daisy
  • office supplies. I really am a nerd. The most exciting thing about going back to school was all the cool office supplies I would need
  • slippers - I have many pairs of scruffs. I cannot walk around barefoot. It totally squidges me out
I could go on until you want to poke out your eyes with hot sticks.

Tell me your obsessions!


Danielle said...

Also love daisies.

Bookstores, music stores, and art supply stores...I'm like a junkie let loose in a crackhouse. My house is looks like a mixture of Barnes and Noble and A.C. Moore.

I love old pictures. I have my grandmother's pictures that date back to the 1930s. And old postcards of jazz musicians.

Danielle said...

And I'm obsessed with 80s music. I hear a Journey song and I lose it. Steve Perry's voice is just magic **sighs**

Deborah said...

OMgosh Danielle! You are reading my mind. Journey!

Blasé said...

My Obsessions are of women with weird obsessions...

Ms. Anthropy said...

I have one of those rascal sock monkeys, somewhere. Belonged to my Son, many, many years ago. My problem is, I'm obsessed with everything! They even have a series on TV now about me. Actually, mine isn't quite that bad, but it could be if I don't watch out.

Coming to you, from Blasé! Ain't he something!

R. Jacob said...

I used to entertain my kids when they were little with my own sock puppets, Sockee and Foote. Sockee had a high pitched voice and Foote a low gruff voice. much fun.

Anonymous said...

I was fondling a pair of many sock monkey slippers on clearance at Target the other day...I opted for need over want, and left them behind.

Deborah said...

Fondling and sock monkey in the same sentence. Hmm! That totally made me giggle.