Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Don't Call on Me!

The Scene

I am sitting, as my middle-class, Lutheran, upbringing would have it, near the back, on the end. Not too far back, not too far in the front.

Instructor is lecturing, I am taking notes, I am understanding. Look how convincing I am! I even convince myself! Aaaaaaamaaaaaaziiiing!

He pulls out something that suspiciously looks like a testing board. He keeps calling it a "pretest," but by now my brain has stopped working.

Did he use the word "test"? OMfriggin'G.

I am sweating, I am palpitating. I am flunking.

Oh - that can't be true. I got my name right, although I am pretty certain I forgot to put in my student ID number.

When Pup comes home I tell him about the test. We look at it together. He looks at my notes. He points out how I was actually writing down stuff that was on the test paper.

"I did"?

"Yeah. baby, it's all right here. Look. Assets Value = Liabilities + Equity. You even wrote it down twice."

"I did"?



"Yeah. Okay, now look at this question - what are the parts of business activity"?

"Uh . . ."

"Sweetie! You wrote it down"!


"Can you text me during the real test"?

We both bust out laughing.

Pup asks me, "What DO you remember from class"?

Me, "Well, the woman in front of me needed her roots done."

"Really? You noticed that"?

"Yeah! And I noticed I was the only one in there that was left-handed."

Pup lets out a huge sigh. "Good thing you live with me."

I nod in agreement.

I mean - who goes into a financial accounting class without her highlighter and calculator?? Who?

The instructor did say it could take some of us a time or two for all of this to start to sink in. I believe I might be one of those people.

Meanwhile, I made additional notes to bring in my camera to capture campus fashion. Is this bad?


Miss Eve said...

Tests are freakin' me out as well dear Deborah...

I can't wait to see your campus fashion photography by the way :-)

Cheers: Evi

Blasé said...

You need more readers, Deborah. You're too good for such a small audience.

Tail-Kinker said...

I feel your pain in accounting, Momma, I really, really do.

and I completely agree with Blase!

deb-oh-rah said...

I just had a computer training class at work the other day and found myself wanting to cry. (whine -- everyone else gets it -- sniffle). It took me back to how I felt in the HS math courses I had to take all over again when I went back to college.

But you're smarter than I am so I know you'll shine!!

Dutch donut girl said...

"Assets Value = Liabilities + Equity"
Ok, you lost me.

Campus fashion can be very fun. Most women in my class dress like they're going out clubbing.