Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notches on Your Belt

Not those kind of notches!


But I have gone down a notch or two. I'm not really certain how that happens, but it has happened.

Okay, of course I KNOW how that happens, but I maybe didn't expect it with my own belt? Either way it's good.

Last week was a hella week. You know, hella busy, hella disjointed, and hella nothing. Yes! All at the same time!

Giving up grains is kicking my ass. Frankly it pisses me off they are not kicked entirely. I want this line of demarcation. This line where I can look and think to myself, "That is the day I gave up grains. That is the day I gave up sugar."

Most of the problem is lack of planning. I have heard this phrase:

When You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail.

Holy crapinoli, this phrase is the truth.

On a better note, I'm still moving more and that's always a good thing.

I'm hanging in there little warriors. Or big warriors. Or whatever the hell we are. Or what I am. Can you tell I'm a bit crabby about this? Ha!

Smooches to my grok-hooches. 


Not So Simply Single said...

Happy Easter Dollface...

I have notches on my, maybe not the type that is from weight loss exactly...


lotta joy said...

I finally figured out how to never experience a tight belt again.

Yep. Elastic waist pants.