Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GNO Instead of HBO

Simply Jane Studio

One of my new friends from my, as Pup loves to call it, gristly little job, is Alli-baby. A gorgeous, vivacious, 40 year-old woman who is CHUCK full of ideas, sass, and exploding laughter.

She and I took one look at each other and kinda fell in love. Which is way fun because, even though I could have given birth to her, it's fun to make new friends. And, as a side-note, it seems hard to make new friends the older you get. Why is this btw? That's a post for a different day.

This post is about an idea Alli-baby had for GNO (girl's night out).

She and I are aficionados of the Bravo Housewives franchise. Go ahead and judge, but I do like to turn on their nattering and fighting and crazy-faced escapades. Pure entertainment. And a great chance to feel better about myself because . . . well because I am not one of them. I'll own it and not tone it!

So, yes, she was watching the Orange County version and they were having a GNO at a painting studio. Alli-baby thought, "kachinga! Let's do this thing!"

She did all the research and planning and found this charming and lovely art studio right in the neighborhood (their's, not mine), Simply Jane Studio.

Nine of us collected at the studio Saturday night, wine and appetizers in hand, ready to have a lesson and some fun.

A great group. The owner/artist had canvases for us with an outline of the painting we'd be creating. Paint, brushes, and basic instruction was provided. We started painting.

Nine women with nine different points of view. Some very careful. Some (me) not so careful. All of them wonderful to look at in the end.

Our table of four held myself, my Shelley-belly (another job friend), and two other girls. One who regaled us with her story from the summer wherein she had a hot and thought-provoking fling with a pool boy. We were enthralled and poked for details. The next time I see this woman I'll get even more details. Love them details!

When I am in a group I am easily distracted. Reminds me of being in school. Instead of concentrating on my own project I'm way too busy checking out everyone else's project, listening to stories, and generally letting my adult ADHD (not professionally diagnosed, but yet, it's there in full swing) derail me.

Here is my creation. I think she looks a little bit like a vampy, blonde, Wilma Flintstone.
While I was having at it, my girl's hair turned green. For some reason our table was treated like the ugly step-sisters and didn't get too much instruction. Either we seemed competent, the other table needed way more help, or we scared Jane. Who us? But luckily Shelley-belly is an artist herself and helped me help my girl.

Alli-baby is already busy planning our next GNO and I'm excited to be part of this new group.

We're thinking paint-ball!


If you live in my area, please check out Jane's studio, Simply Jane, for a similar event. She also does birthday parties. Simply a blast.


T said...

omg, Deborah -- how fun! Lucky you.

And as for your art? I ADORE IT. I'd have it matted/framed and proudly displayed in your home. that is really, really cool!

Didn't know you were an artist!

Ms. A said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Good job! Sounds like you had a blast, too. Frame that girl and display her proudly and don't stop with just one!

silvergirl said...

so fun
i love doing unconventional things for girls night out
cute pic you painted

Sara Louise said...

I watch all of the Housewives and I love them!
You guys should have an 80s Bunko night next :)

Sarah said...

I always found painting to be very relaxing, theraputic. I loved having it first hour of the day in school, it let me ease into my morning in a contemplative way.

Not So Simply Single said...

I want that picture. Seriously. I have a place in my house just for it. I FREAKING LOVE IT!

Don't you want to send it to me for a late birthday pressie?

Damn, sounds like you had FUN. GNO's ROCK!


LOVE the PICTURE, seriously, it has a home in Maui!

Marnie said...

I LOVE your painting! Well done!

It sounds like a really fun night. I need to do something like that where I live. xo

Anonymous said...

What a blast! Would love to have a GNO at an art studio and create something. Paint ball? Not so much.