Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planet Fitness

Pup and I (my husband) joined a gym nearly three weeks ago. He's a CPA and during his season he is literally sitting in a chair from about 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. I am not even lying.

Not good.

And heaven knows I need to move more and more and more.

I told him on that day that I was finding us a gym and we were going to join. His criteria was it needed to be close to his office or he probably would find excuses to not go. Game on dude! I love challenges.

I started poking around and reading reviews and measuring distances. Planet Fitness stood out for us.

I also found out that there are only two of these franchises in Minnesota and they are both owned by Corey Koskie, former Minnesota Twin. Swoon. Swoon. I have a thing for baseball players. Something about arms and arses . . . oh sorry! I just left for a second.
His business model is to provide a place where new and established gym goers could have a comfortable environment to work out. Their credo is no grunters and no weight throwers. Work out and be respectful.

It's a no-frills gym. Just the basics. All the equipment is nice, the showers and locker rooms are actually very lovely. A tad fancy even. Lots of cardio equipment. Lots of machines, lots of free weights. There is a stretching and yoga area, a circuit training area (much like Curves), cardio area, machine area, and free-weight area.
I haven't had to wade through millions of naked people. That's a plus in my book. For some reason, the last gym I belonged to had all kinds of naked people in the locker rooms. I must be way too American in my prudery and having to ask a chimichanga-baring woman to please excuse me so I can get into my locker and as I'm sitting there pulling off my shoes get stared at by another naked woman - well it was too much for this girl. Made me so uncomfortable! Am I weird? Pup said that wouldn't have bothered him in the least. Ha!

We opted for the premium membership ($20 a month - yup) and discovered that our health insurance (bless you Blue Cross Blue Shield) will cover the monthly if we go three times a week. THREE TIMES A WEEK. Motivation peeps. Motivation.

So far we've been going the three times a week. I am really liking it! In fact we're going this morning before Pup heads off to work (yep, he works Saturdays and Sundays right now! Poor Pup).

Me! Going to the gym on Saturday!

Can you see how buff I'm looking already?


T said...

BRAVO, Planet Fitness.

Hope this works out (play on words, hah-hah) for both of you. How reasonable, $20 per month!

"Go, Deborah,
Go, Deborah..." T chanted with attitude.

Not So Simply Single said...

You are my hero!